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What They Wore

An intimate look at nine fashion designers on their wedding day.


Monique Lhuillier

May 20, 1995, Los Angeles, California


Overall Look and Feel:
We wanted to keep it very traditional. I was a young bride—I was 22, and Tom was 23—so our wedding was really for our parents.

The Dress:
The dress was Ron LoVece and the third I tried on. I had my parents with me, and they said, “You look like a princess.” I thought, Okay, let’s take it. I was a really easy bride. I wasn’t a designer yet. I knew the field I wanted to be in, but I didn’t know it would be bridal until I was shopping for my dress. That’s what opened my eyes. I thought I could infuse something different into the bridal world.

Memorable Dress Moment:
I had the dress cleaned and preserved and asked to inspect it right there at the counter, which was a good thing because it wasn’t my dress! They had switched my dress with someone else’s. It took three weeks to straighten everything out.


From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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