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What They Wore

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Nicole Colovos - Habitual

June 7, 2003, Southampton, New York


The Dress:
The design was inspired by a vintage dress and a gown by John Galliano and was created by me, Bill Bull, and Brana Wolf, who is like a second mother to me. The three of us got together to construct something simple and elegant but a bit dreamy and ethereal.

Looking Back:
The day of the wedding, it absolutely poured. There was a break in the rain and we had to drive to the ceremony, so Brana gave me her boots and an umbrella and I dashed to the car, trying not to get wet. What I remember most was the walk down the aisle toward my husband in front of all the people we love after having not seen him the night or day before. It took my breath away.



From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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