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What They Wore

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Nanette Lepore

December 28, 1985, Youngstown, Ohio


The Dress:
Whenever I went home to Ohio, I always went thrifting. I went to a Salvation Army with my sister and mother and happened to see a pretty wedding dress. I put it on over my top and jeans, and my mom said, “It’s so beautiful. You have to wear that dress.” I wanted to wear a bias-cut thirties dress, but this dress was so full of lace and had an old union label stamped 1947. It was $45, and we cut the neck down so I could have a little cleavage.

The Look :
I still kind of wish I had worn the bias-cut thirties dress, but at the same time, my dress was pretty and my mom and mother-in-law loved it—probably because it was from their era.



From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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