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The Wedding Album
Luise Stauss and Nicholas Blechman

April 30, 2005

  The Location: Nicholas’s parents have an old farmhouse about 100 miles north of New York. Bobolink, as the farm is called, sits on a hill surrounded by rolling fields and a pond. It’s our version of paradise.

The Ceremony:
It rained through the night and the morning, but the sky cleared about an hour before the ceremony. Guests were led through a forest by a bagpiper to the top of a field. We appeared a few minutes later, with our best man and bridesmaid. Robert Martin, who teaches philosophy at Bard College, performed a nondenominational ceremony, quoting Plato. Titus, Luise’s godfather, blew the trumpet. Max, Nicholas’s brother and best man, explained how he set fire to the very field we were standing on with fireworks when he was a kid, and how it grew back more beautifully the following season. Renate, Luise’s sister, read a poem by Erich Fried. We exchanged rings, kissed, cried, and drank from each other’s wine glass. Then everybody else kissed and cried, and we marched back to the house for a champagne reception.

  The Moment: The experience was filled with extraordinary moments. Seeing our two families together, one from New York, the other from the former East Germany; skinny-dipping under moonlight; watching theatrical reenactments of our courtship. Our families and friends arrived with the most beautiful speeches, performances, and ideas: Luise’s mother and sister hung 54 postcards of couples on a string between the trees. Every guest took one and sent it back to us, one each week, throughout the year. Dancing on the grass, eating local food, sleeping in a tent—it was three days of summer bliss with all the people we love.

The Advice: Keep it small—we almost broke up over the guest list!
  Gown: Jim Smiley Vintage Clothing (forties cocktail dress)
Suit: Costume National
Caterer: The Farmer’s Wife
Music: Metropolitan Klezmer
Photographer: Kira Pollack  

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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