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The Wedding Album
Catherine Mio Takada and Frank Schultz

April 30, 2005


The Ceremony: It was a mixture of traditional and nontraditional elements. The general format was traditional, such as the question of intent, vows (which we wrote), and the ring exchange. For the nontraditional aspects, we said a Native American prayer and had a tying-the-knot ceremony, which entailed the two of us holding our hands out in the form of an infinity symbol. Then the officiant tied a ribbon around our unified hands to symbolize an eternal union between the two of us. We also had strings on all the guests’ seats. They knotted those together at the end of the ceremony and left them in a box to symbolize their support for our union.

The Division of Labor: Frank wasn’t involved with our planning much except for the music. He told me that the wedding is the girl’s dream, so he let me do whatever I wanted! Our wedding didn’t have much planned to do, just dance, dance, dance! So music was very important. Frank did a great job. I made everything by myself with my friends and family, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the table place cards, except for the flower decorations and wedding cake.


  The Advice: You should definitely pick a wedding planner who has tastes similar to your own. (Even though wedding planners have lots of ideas, if those ideas don’t work for you, it’s nothing.) I searched hundreds of planners through the Internet before I found mine. I know it takes a long time, but it is really important. My planner helped me a lot, got me excited, and really respected my ideas and made them real.
  Reception: Opia
Gown: Mio Takada
Bridesmaids’ gowns: Mio Takada
Wedding planner: Eyal Tessler, In Any Event
Flowers: Perla & Co. music: Signature Events
Photographer: Erik Ekroth

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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