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The Wedding Album
Nina Michael and Michael Farmer

Angel Orensanz Foundation
November 6, 2004


The Location: It’s a synagogue from the 1840s, so it has really interesting historic features and a lot of character. We knew immediately that it was for us. It’s just such a magical space—very beautiful and romantic, and yet, it has a kind of decrepitude to it that we loved. You either hate it or you love it—it’s not for everybody.

The Inspiration:
I wanted it to be like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I said to the wedding planner and the lighting designer, “You know the end of Robin Hood, when they’re in the forest. That’s what I want—very Sherwood Foresty.” And they were like, “Okay, we get it.”

The Decor: The ceremony was on a stage and we stood under a chuppa made of vines and roses. Amber lighting was shining from the altar in front of us and the ceiling was illuminated in blue. For the reception, we used a combination of small orchids and Black Magic roses. And we had two different place settings that alternated based on the colors, so every other table had a different setting and linens.

The Mishap:
I had rented a sixties Rolls Royce to take me and my mom to the wedding and the car broke down. Thank God it wasn’t raining, because we just jumped out in the middle of Houston Street and hailed a cab. It worked out fine, but I was definitely kind of flustered when we arrived. It was my first real wedding thing and it didn’t go well.

The Final Word:
The evening definitely ended before I knew it, but it was a good amount of time and everything went really well. I wasn’t sad when it was over; actually, I thought, That was perfect. That was exactly the night I wanted it to be.


  Gown: Vera Wang
Groom’s tux: Joseph Abboud
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Calypso skirt and Do Kham top
Wedding planner: Lawrence Scott Events, Ltd.
Music: Kevin Osborne Band, Hank Lane Music
Photographer: Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus Photography

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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