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Maids in Manhattan

Ten real New York bridesmaids model this season’s most sublime gowns.
Take a look!

Guide to Bridesmaiding
Bridesmaids Have Lives, Too!
Where to Buy a Dress

Skipping the Formality

When black tie isn't required, here's what you wear to really dress up.

Tuxedo Lexicon
So the groomsmen can talk the talk, here are a few key terms.

Where to Buy Formalwear
The best sources for stylish formalwear.

Store Listings
Thanks to these boutiques, dressing them is child's play.

Tokens of Appreciation
A selection of gifts suitable for the wedding VIPs—your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Makeup Artists
When getting camera-ready, sometimes it's better left to a professional.

Hair Salons

Whether you're going with a bob or an updo, here's where to get tressed.

Last thing to do before a wedding? Relax.