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Erin Robertson of Le Corset by Selima .
Are corsets terribly uncomfortable?
You're reducing your waist by up to four inches, squeezing everything you have either up or down, and tightening around your ribs, so they can be very stiff and uncomfortable. You should break it in like a new pair of shoes.

Do brides set unrealistic demands on their body?
The most common complaint is about the flab that comes over the back of the corset. You're lacing up pretty tight, and girls with a lot of skin or back fat are going to see it hang out. Skinny girls have back lumps too-it's not a question of how fat; it's how flabby.

Any padded or silicone-enhanced bras for flat-chested brides?
If you really want to wear something that's going to push you up, you can wear one of those skin-colored breast enhancers everyone calls chicken cutlets. But it's your wedding day, you know? Don't try to pull something off-Lise Charmel makes gorgeous bridal lingerie in A-cups.

From the Spring 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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