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Paul Podlucky

Ask an Expert: Makeup and Hair

By Denise Penny

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide

What should women expect when they go to you?
I work with girls whoíve experienced the best, so I have to deliver. My taste level is excellent but simple; our mantra is ďRestraint and RefusalĒówe call it the Double-R Ranch. I donít like cha-cha.I like Grace Kelly, Audrey and Katherine Hepburn. Iím fairly expensive: $4,000 for the bride and the mother or the first bridesmaid. But Iím the whole package: a nurturing support system, the cheerleader who keeps the spirits up, and I help style the shoots. Mine is a God-given sophisticated eye.

So you must be booked solid.
W magazine called me the rich girlís favorite. I do consultations on my day off, and itís $650 a trial for just the makeup and hair. It takes a long time. People are really crazy about their weddings.

Whatís the craziest youíve had?
I had a bride ask me to cut off all her hair in the few minutes between the ceremony and the party. So there I was, during the yichud, cutting her hair into a bob at The Four Seasons restaurant.

Do you chase the bride around during the wedding for touch-ups?
No, they come to me, so I wait with a book in a room somewhere. At a wedding at the public library, I waited for three hours in a Tom Ford Gucci tux that was soaked from the rain because security made me walk around the building without an umbrella. I was so angry. Sometimes I wait for two, three hours. Sometimes they donít come back at all. Even if they donít, itís a luxury knowing that they can.

How do you take crying into account?
I have to be a little heavy-handed so that when they lose it, itís still perfect.



From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide
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