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Lingerie Lexicon

It's crucial that your lingerie be just right for the wedding. Here's the language you'll need to get what you want.

Strips of plastic or other stiff material sewn into undergarments to provide extra support and shape. Actual bones were originally used-thus the name.

Convertible Bra
Bras that can be adjusted to accommodate up to six different dress styles.

The removable pad in certain types of bras.

Corselet (Also: Corselette)
An undergarment that combines a girdle with a bra. Similar to a traditional corset.

Demi Cup (Also: Balconette or Shelf Bra)
A bra with a contoured underwire design, with a large portion of the upper half of the cup cut away to expose the top portion of the breasts.

Girdle (Also: Shaper)
A stomach-shaping undergarment that starts above the waist and ends below the hips. The old-school version of Spanx.

Gusset Closure
A hook-and-eye or snap closure.

Merry Widow
A corset with a neckline that comes to a point.

Plunge (Also: Décolleté)
A style of bra that is cut super-low to give cleavage a boost.

Tap Pants
Underwear cut to resemble short shorts.

A style of bra with straps that are cut extra-wide to accommodate certain dress styles.  

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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