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Tipsheet: Heel Yourself

Nothing reflects a fashion addict’s personality more than her shoes.

Although the cut and color of your dress obviously dictates which style you'll choose, Roopal Patel, women's fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman, says, finding an interesting pair that complements the dress should be fun, not stressful, as long as you go about it the right way. Herewith her advice for finding the ideal pair-and wearing them like a pro.

Go Beyond Bridal.
Just because they don't have specific bridal collections doesn't mean you can't wear this season's Christian Louboutins or Sergio Rossis to your wedding. All brands are fair game. Shoes don't have to be the traditional white satin, but Patel recommends that brides stay within a certain color palette: ivory, nude, and fleshy colors for neutrality, metallic colors for added sparkle. Black or bright colors are out.

Practice, Practice, Practice.
Don't ignore the comfort factor. Brides rarely get to rest at their weddings, and the last thing you'll want at the end of the day is aching, blistery feet. With that in mind, stick with the style to which you're already accustomed. If you generally wear flats or sneakers, try wearing heels a bit more regularly-wedges and platforms don't count!-to get your feet and body used to them. And be sure to break in your wedding shoes an hour a day starting at least a week before the wedding.

Be Practical.
Heels are generally best because they add length to your silhouette, but you don't want to wear a pair that could potentially rip the hemline of your dress. If you choose super-high heels, practice walking in them while wearing your dress to avoid a nightmarish spill at the altar.


From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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