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Tipsheet: The Crowning Touch

It may be just a swath of fabric, but the veil has the gasp-inducing power to transform a woman in a beautiful white dress into a bona fide bride. To ensure that your veil does its job, follow our expert advice.

Go To Any Length. When you go for your first fitting, try on several different kinds of veils to see which looks best with your dress. If you aren't satisfied with your options, hold a sample veil at different lengths until you find one that works. Then measure from the top of your head until the point where you want the veil to end, and bring your findings to a boutique or a milliners (Basia Custom Headdresses & Accessories will create a veil to your specifications; 304 Columbus Ave., nr. 74th St.; 212-874-6720).

Don't Leave Anything To Chance.
Bring a swatch of fabric from your dress-it's the best way to make sure you've got an exact match. A photo doesn't do justice to the color, and you'll likely need the swatch for other accessories as well.

Go Synthetic.
Indulgent brides may be tempted to splurge on an expensive silk veil. However, the standard nylon veil actually keeps its shape better than silk, and the lighter material allows it to float around your face. Silk (especially washed silk) tends to hang straight and heavy.


From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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