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Cheryl Greenhill of Quintessentially


Quintessentially is one of the best concierge services in the city, and you're the team's go-to person for all things bridal.
Yes. I went to Cornell for hotel administration and worked at the Four Seasons helping VIPs and celebrities in the special-services department, so I tend to know a little about hotels.

Which ones work best for wedding receptions?
The Ritz, the Four Seasons, and the Mandarin. But we don’t generally do receptions in hotels because an hour after you marry, there’s another wedding.

So what place doesn't feel like a wedding factory?
We’ve been doing a lot of receptions at the Park on Tenth Avenue; it’s a three-level nightclub but it has a very warm, intimate feel, so it’s great for a smaller party. They have an outdoor area with a little garden, and it’s beautiful, really quiet, and there’s tons of light. The food’s excellent.

What's your favorite rehearsal-dinner locale?
Stanton Social; it’s really hot. Their upstairs lounge can be rented out. I’ve never heard a bad word about it.

Where would you tell out-of-town guests to stay?
One of our favorites is Inn New York City on 71st Street on the Upper West Side. It’s a really old townhouse but there are suites with Jacuzzis; there’s one with a terrace, and all of them have fireplaces and little kitchenettes with pantries stocked with whatever the guest prefers. Another one is Country Inn the City, also on the Upper West, on 77th, and those rooms are huge! They’re larger than the ones at the Four Seasons.

How much does it cost to be a member of Quintessentially?
It ranges from $1,500 to $40,000. We’re logisticians. If you can think of it, we’ll make it happen.

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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