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Photographers Lexicon

Photography can cost as much as 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of the wedding. Here are some terms to memorize so that you’ll come off like a pro in your initial consultation.

Archival Techniques
The handling and treatment of photos in such a manner that they are protected from aging. A good idea for photos that you plan to keep in an album.

Available Light (Also: Ambient Light, Existing Light)
The amount of light present. Can be altered through the use of artificial light sources such as lamps and shades.

Contact Sheet
A page containing miniaturized prints.

Digital Photography
The process of taking pictures that are stored as images on a computer-readable chip, so that no negatives or proofs are required. Can be significantly cheaper than traditional photography.

An image file used in digital photography; can be e-mailed or burned onto a compact disc.

Medium Format
A type of film that produces a negative several times larger than the one resulting from standard 35-mm. film. The standard film type for wedding work.

A photograph that is intended to demonstrate the final look of the shot. Professionals often stamp proof across the images so that they can’t be used as an actual picture.

A postproduction technique that involves airbrushing and color correction. Can significantly increase the price of your prints and should be negotiated beforehand.

An effect in which black-and-white photos are altered so that the final product appears aged or antiqued. Can carry additional fees.

Soft Focus
A soft, dreamy look wherein the subject of the picture is purposely slightly out of focus compared with the rest of the shot.

A style in which two distinct photographs are displayed within one frame. Requires a special filter for the camera, or retouching after the fact, so it can increase costs substantially.

A printing technique (when intentional) in which the image fades to black or white at the edges of the shot.

From the Fall 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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