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Tipsheet: Getting the Marriage License


The bride and groom must apply in person and at the same time. Manhattan’s Office of the City Clerk is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday; no appointment necessary. (Outer-borough city-clerk offices close at 4 P.M., and some require that you make an appointment before showing up.)

A license costs $30 in any of the five boroughs.

Money orders are the only accepted form of payment (no exceptions). They can be purchased at any post office or bank.

Valid photo identification is required; birth certificate and proof of single status (such as a certified copy of the decree of divorce, a certificate of dissolution of marriage, or an official death certificate) might be required, depending on the clerk. So bring these with you just in case.

Take your time completing the application: If you find a mistake after 24 hours, you’ll be charged $25 to have it corrected.

New York State does not require a premarital physical examination or blood test.

Marriage licenses are handed out immediately. However, nuptials cannot take place for at least 24 hours (and must take place within 60 days).

There are no additional requirements or restrictions for foreign or out-of-state residents wishing to be married in New York. For further information, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 212-669-2400, or visit

From the 2003 New York Wedding Guide


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