Cristiano Ronaldo’s Speed Trainer Has Insanely Fast Feet


Cristiano Ronaldo — one of the very best soccer players in the history of soccer — is fast. So who does he turn to when he wants to get faster? This guy:

Self-billed as the “Quickest Feet In The W🌎RLD,” Luis Badillo Jr. is human CGI from the knees down. He posted this Instagram video of himself running drills with the Real Madrid superstar on Tuesday. In comparison to the master, Ronaldo — who, again, is fast! — looks like a disoriented gazelle on the agility ladder.

Badillo goes by “King Feet,” the perfect name for either a world-class speed trainer or a sleazy discount-shoe empresario, and his client list also includes NFL and NBA players. The Instagram celebrity (his followers currently number more than 200,000) told Stack in July that he never played sports as a kid, only discovering his unbelievable quickness at the age of 23.

Watch this video of Badillo showing off his footwork on the beach and try to decide whether (1) He deserves an Oscar for editing or (2) We should formally crown him King Feet, complete with a podiatry-themed orb and scepter. (Okay, it’s probably (2).)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Speed Trainer Has Insanely Fast Feet