Watch Conan Drive 141 Mph on the Autobahn


As far as car-obsessed late-night hosts go, Jay “I Literally Have a Show About How Obsessed I Am With Cars” Leno reigns supreme, followed by IndyCar team co-owner David Letterman. But this video may have sealed third place for Conan O’Brien.

His TBS show Conan recently traveled to Berlin for a joyride on the autobahn — where, in some stretches, speed limits don’t apply — in a BMW i8. Sure, O’Brien’s lanky six-foot-four frame makes it a little hard to navigate the butterfly doors on the gorgeous hybrid sports car, but it’s still love at first drive. (He describes it as the perfect vehicle for “dropping your third wife off at school.”)

Originally under the supervision of a BMW rally driver named Lars, Conan eventually takes his turn in the driver’s seat. After getting passed by one massive truck too many — and a quick pit stop at a drive-through for milkshakes — he gives it the gas, topping out at 141 mph.

It’s pretty fun, both as pure entertainment and also as a PSA for anyone who has to contend with Americans driving abroad. We’re sorry.

Watch Conan Drive 141 Mph on the Autobahn