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14 Weird and Wonderful Shark Tank Products on Amazon

All weird, all good gifts.

The usefulness of Shark Tank inventions goes far beyond the transformative powers of the Squatty Potty and the unrivaled cleaning abilities of the Scrub Daddy. There are also edible cups, foldable kayaks, and so much more. For our latest installment rounding up all those newfangled products you haven’t yet heard about, we decided to focus on giftable items: Things anyone on your list will appreciate, including a nose de-stuffer and beanbag-chair-slash-bed.

$25 at Amazon

It’s a pillow … with a hood.

Ride-On Carry-On
From $141 at Amazon

A folding seat that attaches to any rolling suitcase. Strap in an 8-month to 5-year-old child and make the holiday airport haul just a little bit easier.

Kisstixx Lip Balm
From $19 at Amazon

One for you, one for your partner. When you kiss the flavors combine.

$200 at Amazon

A system of LED lights that attach to both wheels of a bike for increased nighttime visibility because it’s already getting dark earlier.

Fresh Patch
$29 at Amazon

When it’s too cold to go outside, but the dog only goes on real grass.

$40 at Amazon

For the (incredibly lazy) friend who doesn’t have a washer-dryer: a fitted sheet with seven peelable, disposable layers.

From $13 at Amazon

An extension cord isn’t a sexy gift … until it is.

First Defense Nasal Screens
$12 at Amazon

Give them the gift of an un-stuffy nose. 

Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System
$170 at Amazon

A portable gizmo that takes your standard can of Coors and makes it taste like a draft brew by enhancing the flavor and fizziness.

CordaRoy’s Beanbag Chair
$260 at Amazon

Unzip the cover, pull out the inside, and the beanbag chair converts into a full-size bed. It is filled with the same material that pads pole vaulters’ landings.

Beard Head
$30 at Amazon

Because keeping your chin warm shouldn’t be limited to those who can grow facial hair; the beard is detachable.

Fort Magic
$115 at Amazon

For a step-up from the typical pile of pillows, Fort Magic comes with sticks and connectors to build a sturdy castle fort.

$10 at Amazon

It can’t make calls, it can’t surf the internet, it can’t take photos—but it feels like the real thing. (For phone addicts.)

Nitroforce Titan 1000
$2,500 at Amazon

High-pressure nitrogen-gas springs offer resistance for this training machine that has four modes and over 100 exercise variations, so they never have to walk outside to workout.

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14 Weird and Wonderful Shark Tank Products on Amazon