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22 Secret Santa Gifts Under $50 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Every year, millions of non-denominational extended families hold a Secret Santa swap during the holidays. It’s a popular tradition and keeps things peaceful, so we’ve gamed Secret Santa out for you a bit. Find a little special something (under $50) for a special someone (or your second cousin’s boyfriend you’ve never met) that’ll give them some holiday joy.

For the jean-jacket-owning art student

Forge Taco Lapel Pin
$10 at Amazon

Enamel pins are hot right now and this one is cute and gender non-specific. Update: This particular taco pin is sold out, but here is a very similar one.

For the casual picnicker or serious hiker

Matador Pocket Blanket
$30 at Amazon

This picnic blanket is the tiniest little pocket-size accessory for an afternoon at the beach or a day hike.

For the quirky art lover you might not know that well

Weather, Weather by Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler
$13 at Amazon

When in doubt of what to discuss, weather’s always good.

For the coloring-book enthusiast

Staedtler Coloring Pens
$24 at Amazon

This pen set is hands down the best set to color whichever latest craze someone might be into, from coloring books to bullet journals.

For the coloring-book enthusiast who’s also a Home Alone fan

Home Alone: The Authorized Coloring Book
$10 at Amazon

Nostalgia for the ’90s continues apace! A home run for anyone between 30 and 35.

For the fancy aunt or family friend

Tata Harper Replenishing Oil
$45 at Amazon

This is all-natural but it’s fancy as hell — and smells like heaven.

For the person who craves coziness

SmartWool Socks
$18 at Amazon

A classic for a reason, these socks are the “sock stocking stuffer” that people actually want, whether they’re hiking the city streets or the Rockies.

For your smelly cousin who just got back from backpacking Machu Picchu

Juniper Ridge Back Country Room Spray
$15 at Amazon

We have the incense version of this and it’s lovely and subtle and definitely clears the air like a mountain breeze.

For the friend who buys organic but shops at Intermix

Fabulous Fannie Essential Oils Starter Kit
$24 at Amazon

This is an introduction to the DIY-beauty world so your friend can read her favorite lifestyle blogs and then hop on the bandwagon.

For someone who needs to class up the guest bathroom

Savon de Marseille Hand Soap
$29 at Amazon

The bottle alone is worth the price of entry, but the olive and lavender hand soap will really impress the guests.

For the funny chef (or chef who thinks they’re funny)

Pig Food Storage
$5 at Amazon

Does someone already have an apron with a joke on it? Get them this little piggy silicone food-storage and splatter screen.

For the person who loves all things mini

Classic Mini Books and Shelf
$9 at Amazon

Miniatures are having a moment right now, and this mini-bookshelf and books look like it could go right into a dollhouse or on a desk and bring someone a little winky smile. Update: This bookshelf is sold out, but you can still order these miniature books.

For the person who’d never buy themselves a fancy comb (but really should)

Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
$34 at Amazon

This company makes the best brushes and combs, so do someone a favor and get them something that’s a little nicer than a drugstore pocket comb.

For the “too broke to decorate” college student

Indian Kantha Bedspread
$50 at Amazon

Pretty much anyone can enjoy the beauty and coziness of a kantha, but wouldn’t it look particularly nice on a dorm-room bed, perhaps covering up some laundry and empty beer cans?

For the fan of those celebrity “what’s in your bag” stories

Carry This Book by Abbi Jacobson
$13 at Amazon

A quirky art book by one half of Broad City that gets you to look at the world a little differently, through what people carry.

For the amateur poker player

Gold Foil Playing Cards
$16 at Amazon

If Donald Trump sold playing cards in Trump Tower, they’d look like these but would cost three times as much and would probably be missing a Joker.

For the friend who’s always talking about what the universe wants

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
$25 at Amazon

Let them channel that cosmic energy toward a fun party game with some gorgeously illustrated tarot cards.

For a highly discerning mother-in-law

Littala Taika Pasta Bowl
$31 at Amazon

This sweet bowl was made by a Finnish design company and would bring a smile to any pasta lover’s face.

So they don’t have to go to the outlet mall

Kate Spade Fox Coin Purse
$65 at Amazon

Has anyone been to the outlets and seen how crazy the Kate Spade store is? There’s usually a line outside of people waiting to get in. Save your family member or friend from this line. Note: The price for this (as Amazon prices are wont to do) has gone up; you can still get an under-$50 Kate Spade coin purse, though. We like this watermelon.

For the unabashed cat lover

Midori Sitting Cat Clips
$7 at Amazon

Beautiful paperclips in the shape of a cat will bring pleasure to any cat fan who works in an office or likes to send notes.

For the unabashed dog lover

Emie Samo Portable Charger
$20 at Amazon

Yeah, this is a weird thing: but for the right person, it would be perfect.

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21 Secret Santa Gifts Under $50 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)