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What Are the Best Gym Bags?

To help you with your 2017 resolutions, we’ve already found the best winter running socks, workout gear, sports bras and leggings — but what to pack everything in? Here, we grilled eight trainers, gym professionals, and plain-old exercise enthusiasts on the best gym bags.

For the rush-hour commuter

Nike Brasilia Black Duffel
From $27 at Amazon

“For me, simplicity is beauty. I like my Nike Brasilia duffel bag because it’s big enough to fit my running shoes and a clean pair of shorts, but small enough to carry on a crowded subway during rush hour. It’s got a hanging pocket on the inside to hold any valuables, it’s ventilated, and it fits in even the smallest of gym lockers.” — Charlie Dowe, media planner

For the throw-and-goer

MZ Wallace Small Metro Tote
From $25 at Saks Fifth Avenue

“I’m not even sure this tote is meant to be a gym bag, but lots of people who come into the studio are using it that way. It’s lightweight, it’s durable, and at the end of class I can throw my wet mop of a shirt in it with no concern. Occasionally I take it and give it a good rinse in the shower. It’s chic without being overstated, and it’s oh-so durable. I’m on the go all day and I wear my stuff hard, so for me it’s perfect.” — Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class by Taryn Toomey

For the comfort seeker

Puma Transformation Duffel
$20 at Amazon

“I have had a lot of gym bags during my recent time as a fitness instructor and my latest Puma bag is just awesome. It’s wide enough for me to carry all my workout gear (sneakers, water bottle, clothes, etc.), as well as one to two changes of clothing, which becomes especially useful when I’m teaching two or more classes a day and need to quickly change. The bag can also carry my laptop (13-inch MacBook Air) and charger cables comfortably. Day to day, I also appreciate that the strap doesn’t cut into my shoulder.” — Danny Cadet, fitness instructor at BollyX

For the weekend traveler

Lolë Lily Tote
$140 at Lolë

“I love the Lily Tote because it’s the most versatile bag I’ve ever owned. I travel quite a bit for work, and it allows me to carry my laptop, a change of clothes, toiletries, and my favorite book without bothering my shoulders. Plus, it also doubles as a waterproof backpack and messenger bag, so I can use it for a weekend trip without having to make any adjustments.” —Kat Ellis, head trainer at Uplift Studios

For the compartment user

Adidas Team Speed Medium Duffel
$33 at Amazon

“My bag has held up for like four years now and still looks pretty new. It’s kind of become my default bag. I take it to the gym, of course, and I even took it with me when I went on a trip to Jamaica recently. I put a whole bunch of clothes in it and used all three compartments — a big one that’s ventilated for sweaty items and two little side ones for a water bottle or anything else you’d want to throw in there.” — Peabo Bryson, assistant manager at Planet Fitness

For the cross-trainer

Blueseventy Transition Bag
$90 at Amazon

“Like the triathletes I coach, when I head to the gym, it’s rarely for just one thing, so I need a bag that can handle gear for swimming, riding, running, lifting, yoga, or whatever combination I have planned for the day. The Blueseventy Transition Bag was originally designed for triathlon race day, but works nicely in the gym. The bag has all sorts of features — a big main compartment, a separate waterproof compartment for wet swim gear that can even hold a wetsuit, external pockets for water bottles, a top pocket for breakable items, a spot for a bike helmet (which comes in handy if I ride to the gym), and even a headphone jack. It works nicely for air travel too since it fits in an overhead compartment and has a padded laptop compartment.” — Jonathan Cane, founder and head coach of City Coach Multisport

For the heavy sweater

Champion Mindset Duffel
$45 at Amazon

“My favorite gym bag is the Champion zip bag that I have had for a few years. The reason this bag has stuck with me for so long is its size (not too big and not too small), as well as its fabric. The synthetic material repels moisture and does not trap odor.” — Maggie Byus, advertising manager

For the hands-free carrier

Lululemon In a Cinch Pack
$68 at Lululemon

“This bag isn’t too big. I can just throw my water bottle and boxing gloves in there, and I don’t need much else. It fits my wallet. It’s got two extra hidden pouches, inside and on the front. It’s just really cute and fits right on my back so I don’t have to carry anything. I can run with it if I wanted to, which I don’t run too often, but I could potentially. It gives me a lot of hope that one day I could start running.” — Madeline Weber, associate at Gotham Gym

Unfortunately this bag is sold out, but this Yoga Bag has a similar vibe.

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What Are the Best Gym Bags?