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Deal of the Day: A Somewhat-Sexy Space Heater

DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W

In the wintertime, New York City apartments are usually one of two things: wayyyyy too cold, or wayyyyy too hot. The latter problem is easy to fix (just pop the window). But if you’re freezing all the time, and you’ve resorted to wearing Uniqlo Heattech leggings to bed, you might want to invest in a space heater. This DeLonghi radiator-on-wheels is an extremely well-reviewed option that can heat up fairly large spaces (like your parlor floor, living room, or master bedroom). It pumps out a ton of heat (without making any noise), and features a built-in digital thermostat and timer, so you’re not wasting energy or money. And it comes with a remote so you can adjust the temperature without getting out of bed. Plus, it’s not hideous-looking, and that sleek, black sheen is somewhat sexy (or as sexy as you’re going to get with a space heater).
Original Price: $100

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Deal of the Day: A Somewhat-Sexy Space Heater