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Deal of the Day: ‘Henrietta,’ the Egg Cooker

Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

Granted, we were a little skeptical when we stumbled upon Henrietta, the chicken-shaped egg cooker that can precisely hard or soft boil up to seven eggs at once, or poach four eggs. But then we read the Amazon reviews. “This is my second Henrietta in 20 years! This one is even better than the first. It makes perfect hard-boiled eggs!” raved one user. “Love this little clucker,” another wrote. And: “Henrietta is my new girlfriend. She makes me breakfast in a jiffy, and I like that.” One thing to note that seems to have bothered a lot of said Amazon reviewers: She doesn’t actually chirp when the eggs are done; she makes more of a beeping sound. Original Price: $40

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Deal of the Day: ‘Henrietta,’ the Egg Cooker