Now’s the Time to Hoard Monopoly Thimbles

This will be a collector’s item soon.

When we heard the news this morning that 4 million Monopoly fans voted to kill the thimble token (and replace it with something more modern; the winner will be revealed on March 3), we had a flashback to 1995, when the people voted to kill the beloved tan M&M and replace it with a sickly blue one. A travesty. It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Monopoly’s messed with its pieces: In 2013, there was a similar people’s-choice vote to eliminate the iron and replace it with a cat. Though we hate the cat, we were not at all sad to see the iron go; we never cared for that iron. But we always loved the humble thimble. Not only was it dignified in its simplicity but it was also the most interactive piece: You could kind of fit it on your finger, and we sometimes used to pretend it was a hat, and put it on our Sylvanian rabbit. In anticipation of its imminent disappearance, you might want to stock up. They’re selling on Amazon right now for 8 bucks (update: they’re now up to $20). And you can also buy a comically large one for $13.

Monopoly Thimble Piece $20, Amazon

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Now’s the Time to Hoard Monopoly Thimbles