The Best Gifts to Give Your Valentine

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day again — that time of year when you let your loved one (maybe yourself!) know just how much they mean. Whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas for celebrating, from the best gifts on Amazon for him and her to the funniest Valentines to the organic lube that changes the game.

Valentines Day Gifts for Every Type of Man (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

The idea that there are gifts that are made for guys (Ties! Whisky stones! Wallets!) is so dated as to be insulting. Some guys would like a nice piece of gold-plated jewelry. Others would love nothing more than a bath bomb. And maybe your guy wants to just play Nintendo! Turns out, tons of nice gifts can be found on Amazon - with free two-day shipping too.

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Valentines Day Gifts for Every Type of Woman (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Not all women like the same things. Some are into fuzzy, pink handcuffs, while others like three-pound gummy worms. So we’ve attempted to find gifts for over 30 specific female archetypes that we hope will at least spark some ideas. And the fact that these are all available on Amazon means they’ll get here fast.

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The Cheapest, Nicest Valentines Day Gifts From Most Expensive Brands

Being a label whore when it comes to gifting isn’t a terrible idea. A $26 bar of Dior soap or $30 pair of Supreme boxers can feel so indulgent and over the top — in a great and glamorous way. To that end, we’ve rounded up 22 (relatively) inexpensive things from very expensive brands that make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts.

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11 New Yorkers on the Best Valentines Gift They Ever Got

We polled a group of artists, designers, shop owners, and New Yorkers with all-around great taste to tell us best Valentine’s Day gift theyve ever gotten. In other words, these delicate bracelets, multi-tools, and luxury massages have been vetted by people we trust. Which means you’re one step closer to getting your Valentine a gift they might actually like.

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23 (Funny, Unusual, Artful, Tasteful) Valentines You Can Buy on Amazon

No matter what gift you give for Valentine’s Day, a card should accompany it — instead of something you can grab at a drugstore, why not elevate with something a little more special.

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The Best Valentines Gift I Ever Gave My Boyfriend Was a Branding Iron

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. My birthday is six days before the feast of Saint V, and the holiday’s Hallmark-induced romance sets off my cynic radar more than slightly. But, romance squeamishness notwithstanding, I can never resist a gifting opportunity and am proud to say I’ve become something of an expert.

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The Best Organic Lube for Romantic Health Nuts

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I have natural deodorant, I buy cruelty-free moisturizer, I put grass-fed cow milk in my coffee. Like most concerned citizens in this sanctuary city, I am selective about what goes on or in my body. But the other day, I truly sat up in bed, horrified, because I realized I had missed one major category: my lube.

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Deal of the Day: A Flask That Makes a Great Valentines Day Gift

Fill up one of these sleek stainless steel flasks from Odeme with vodka and gift it to your sweetheart along with two tickets to the February 14th evening session of the Westminster Dog show.

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12 Romantic Books That Wont Make You Gag

In anticipation of the big V., here are 12 books about love that won’t make you gag (or be ashamed to hold them in full view on the subway). Added plus: You’ll love reading them whether you’re in a relationship or not.

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The Best Gifts to Give Your Valentine