Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad (That You Can Buy on Amazon)


It’s about the time for last-minute Father’s Day gifts! As we’ve noted before, buying your dad a gift is so hard because there’s no such thing as one kind of dad. Maybe your dad needs a coffee-table book or a tech gift. Maybe he loves to cook. Maybe he hates it! In the spirit of finding the right thing for your dad, we went in search of all the best Father’s Day gifts on Amazon for every different kind of father. We’re sure you’ll find something he’ll like (and if not, we’re also sure you’ll let us know).

For the dad who overpacks

A super-lightweight duffel bag that he can easily keep in his suitcase — just in case he ever needs to off-load anything into a personal item.

For the dad who wishes he had a season pass

MTV reporter turned photographer Tabitha Soren captures a group of Minor League draft picks as some reach baseball stardom and others leave the sport altogether.

For the dad who’s always looking for a spot to charge his phone

A desktop charging station with six (count ‘em!) USB ports for whatever he may need to juice.

For the dad who wants to barbecue on vacation

Perfect for summer, a portable grill on wheels that collapses into something the size of a rolling suitcase.

For the dad who hosts pool parties

The newest iteration of UE’s wildly popular waterproof speaker with 360-degree sound.

For the dad who swims with the fishes

A full-face snorkel mask that won’t fog up and offers a 180-degree field of vision.

For the dad who’s over his Moleskine

A “smart” notebook that lets him digitize his hand-scrawled notes electronically via email or Google Docs. Once he’s gone through the whole thing, he can microwave it to reset it and start all over again (up to five times).

For the dad who wants to brainstorm anywhere

A peel-and-stick piece of film that lets him turn any surface into a dry-erase board — the marker and cleaning spray are included.

For the dad who gets headaches

A heated pillow that kneads his neck and head with circular motions.

For the dad who cooks in style

Sporting highly useful pockets at the chest and hips, a stretch denim apron named (a bit oddly) after Vietnamese noodle soup.

For the dad who still keeps his toothbrush in a Ziploc

A camo toiletry bag that houses water- (and spill-) resistant lining.

For the dad who loves a lounge

This very comfortable 100 percent cotton robe was made for lazy Sundays bingeing The Keepers on the couch.

For the dad who wants “wow factor”

It’s a giant slab of pink Himalayan salt that’s sure to get “oohs” and “aahs” the next time he invites the neighbors over.

For the dad who can’t wait for the wine to breathe

A wine aerator and spigot in one.

For the dad who’s worried about his frown lines

Maybe he’s seen the YouTube videos of people using the included magnet to remove this cult mask — now he can try it himself.

For the dad who’s addicted to the snooze button

If he has trouble getting up in the morning, maybe he needs an alarm clock that can wake him with light or his own Spotify playlists. It plays white noise to help him fall asleep, too.

For the dad who’s on the clock

A one-minute hourglass filled with magnetized iron sand that collects into shards and stalagmites.

For the dad with a Starbucks habit

Maybe now that he has a handsome copper kettle, he can ditch the $4-a-day vice.

For the dad with a Starbucks habit who needs proper cups

These Japanese ceramic cups are meant for tea, but they’d be great for water or coffee, too.

For the dad who misses capital-F Fashion

Here, 372 pages of Irving Penn’s work, from his stunning portraiture to indelible still lifes.

For the dad who’s not great at the touch test

He’ll never overcook a pork tenderloin (or undercook a steak) ever again with this digital thermometer that alerts him when the specified cut is done.

For the dad who’s not great at the touch test but wants to feel like Thomas Keller

As Jake Swearingen of Select All noted in his tech-gift guide, the sous-vide machine cooks your food in a water bath to the perfect temperature — it’s restaurant-style precision cooking at home.

For the dad who wants to jam to ‘Despacito’ wire-free

In our tech-gift guide, Jake Swearingen of Select All calls this pair of headphones some of the very best he’s heard at this price point.

For the dad who’s too cool for Fitbit

A sleek activity and sleep-monitoring watch that doesn’t look like an activity and sleep-monitoring watch.

For the dad who drinks beer discreetly

This Japanese bottle opener looks like a doorstop or sculpture until he cracks open a Heineken with it.

For the dad who drinks liquor discreetly

A slim flask that has the look of crinkly paper, but is actually made of stainless steel.

For the dad who drinks liquor … period

The little dimples on these whiskey glasses hand-blown in Turkey aren’t just for looks — they help him swirl and oxygenate his drink.

For the dad who wants to impress his houseguests

A hand wash with cedarwood, geranium, and sweet-almond oils in handsome, if not entirely legible — the print’s teeny-tiny! — packaging.

For the dad who rocks bed head unintentionally

Your lazy dad will think the culty R+Co invented this styling paste–slash–dry shampoo just for him.

For the dad who sports a five o’clock shadow 24/7

For the perfectly manicured beard, your dad will appreciate this high-precision trimmer (see some of our other best-beard-trimmer picks, too.)

For the dad who keeps his face baby-butt smooth

And if he prefers to go clean-shaven, he could do a lot worse than this handsome (and affordable) shaving set.

For the dad who’s a clean freak

Yes, it’s a toilet-bowl sterilizer that uses UV light to kill germs. Stick this baby on the underside of the toilet lid, close said lid, and let it get to work.

For the dad who could stand to de-stress a little

A Swiss-designed aroma diffuser that’s about the size of a small cereal bowl.

For the dad who wants a dog without the ickiness

A remote-controlled robot dog that barks and plays without needing to be walked or fed or cleaned up after.

For the dad who wants to guest-proof his coffee table

These hexagonal wood-and-marble coasters are very lagom.

For the dad who’s over Diptyque

An incense-y candle that happens to be a favorite of one Linda Rodin.

For the dad who swears he once had a beer with Bill Murray

Maybe he’s in this book! At the very least, he’ll appreciate the collection of the many times the actor mixed and mingled with regular folk.

For the dad who’s convinced his office chair will kill him

Bring the gym to him with an under-the-desk elliptical machine that’ll let him (kind of) discreetly get his workout in.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift for Every Dad (on Amazon)