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31 of the Best Sanrio Products on Amazon

Sanrio, the Japanese toy company most famous for creating kawaii icon Hello Kitty has taken a decidedly 2017 turn with its newer “fringe” characters. These of-the-moment additions complement their cartoon cuteness with — what else? — despair. There’s Aggretsuko, an all-too-familiar red panda, an “office associate in the accounting department of a highly respected trading worker,” who’s a pushover at the office, but releases her pent-up rage toward her co-workers with after-work drinking and hard-core heavy-metal karaoke sessions. (Sound like someone you might know?) She’s matched by Gudetama, a lazy egg yolk who experiences recurring existential crises before he, inevitably, gets eaten. (This is exactly how we felt after all the doomed-Earth talk.) Hello Kitty guided us through the fun-loving ’90s, while her sick-of-it-all descendants are here for the angst of the late 2010s.

The New Guard

Aggretsuko Tomorrow Is a New Day T-shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

A very heavy-metal Hot Topic (!) shirt for the low-key-aggressive Aggretsuko in you.

Aggressive Retsuko Rubber Key Chain

And here she is again raging against the machine on a key chain (which is pricey because it’s imported from Japan).

Kirimi-chan Stuffed Toy

Kirimi-chan, introduced in 2013 and a fan favorite at the time, is a fish fillet eager for you to grill and eat it. Another expensive, and rare-in-America, import.

Wearing Kirimi-chan

You can be an overeager fish fillet, too.

Hannari X Sanriokyarakuta Zu Ball Chain Mascot Kirimi-chan

How adorable is Kirimi-chan’s tiny body here?

Sanrio Lazy Egg Gudetama Assorted School Supply Stationery Gift Set

Kirimi-chan’s eagerness was soon eclipsed in popularity by Gudetama, the lazy egg yolk. Here, he’ll help you prepare for going back to school.

Sanrio Store Gudetama Tabletop Fan

Have you ever had an egg yolk cool you off? This desk fan has a whole new kind of personality.

Sanrio Store Gudetama Face Pot

A pot with attitude to serve rice.

Skater 4-Point Lock Lunch Box

Top off every meal with a lazy egg. This lunch box has partitions to keep all your dishes separate.

Funko POP! Sanrio: Gudetama Action Figure With Bacon

Cuddle up with some bacon.

Sanrio Gudetama Gunya Squeeze Mascot Squeeze Toy White Egg

Relieve stress by squishing around the yolk.

Sanrio Gudetama Ceramic Coffee Mug

Best for a lazy Sunday around the house.

The Classics

Hello Kitty in Costume Snap Hair Clips

Some meta hair clips of Hello Kitty dressed in costumes of other characters.

Keroppi Large Face Backpack

Keroppi, first introduced in 1988, is a classic friend of Hello Kitty. His thing is that he loves playing games, especially boomerang and baseball.

Keroppi Pencil Pen Stationery Case Holder Metal Box

Here’s Keroppi with his siblings.

Badtz-Maru Sleeping Mask, Blindfold

Badtz-Maru is a mischievous penguin.

G-Store Bad Badtz-Maru Analog Quartz Kids’ Watch

Let him help you tell the time, with an eye roll, of course.

1 X Fuji Instax Mini Films Usable With Polaroid Mio & 300 — Lomo Diana Instant Back

This film prints out with images of the Little Twin Stars, who are stars that look like people.

My Melody Kigurumi Cap

Become My Melody with this floppy hat. Her favorite food is almond pound cake.

Sanrio Strawberry King Adult Sneaker Socks

I would buy these overpriced, imported-from-Japan socks and wear them every day because of the joy this strawberry-headed King Strawberry brings me every time I look at him.

Unisex Oyamano Monkichi Design Baseball Cap

Monkichi loves puns, and he also has an amazing round face with rosy cheeks.

Kuromi DJ Bag

Almost the opposite of Aggretsuko, Kuromi has the hard-core looks of a tomboy, but her favorite things are actually writing in her diary and reading romance novels.

Sanrio KUROMI Devil Goth Skull Fleece Soft Throw Blanket

Display your dark side, but keep it cute.

Hummingmint Thermos Sports Bottles Water Bottle Insulated-Flowers 500 ml

Hummingmint is all about singing.

Hummingmint Backpack

She’s also full of curiosity, so take her on the road with this backpack.

Sanrio Hangyodon Mega Zip Pouch Face

This face is too good. Hangyodon kind of looks like a fish, but he’s actually a comedian.

Unisex Pochacco Cute Design Baseball Cap

Pochacco is a pup who likes sports, so wear this one out playing soccer.

Funko POP Sanrio Vinyl Tuxedosam

Tuxedosam is a personable penguin who owns a bow tie for every day of the year. Can’t you tell?

Sanrio Hello Kitty Lunch Box

One of our colleagues had this exact Hello Kitty lunch box growing up in the ’80s. She was first introduced in 1974. Both Hello Kitty and this lunch box are still cute.

Hello Kitty 3-D Night-light

This color-changing night-light that almost looks like a hologram is a rare, new Hello Kitty find.

Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray

This ice-cube tray actually has excellent reviews on Amazon.

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31 of the Best Sanrio Products on Amazon