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The Best Board Games for Kids on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about the most-wanted holiday toys, the best holiday party games, even the best toys for 6-year-olds and 1-year-olds alike, we’ve gone deep here on the best board games for kids of every age that you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best Board Games for Toddlers

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

4.8 stars, 1,021 reviews

“This game was the big winner at Christmas. We played it six times that day and have been playing it daily since. The game has many excellent features. First, the game moves quickly, with total play time at about 15 to 20 minutes, which is perfect for this age group and busy parents. Second, there are many different things happening: Move your piece, solve a mystery, the pigs eat your food. So the game is exciting for everyone at each turn. Finally, to win, the group has to work together to get to the end, so we all lose or all win together — no poor losers or insufferable winners. We are a game-playing family and have tons of games; this one is by far the best one we’ve played with our little ones.”

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

4.7 stars, 1,244 reviews

“I bought this game for my 3-year-old for Christmas, and she loves it. I must admit, I actually like playing this game, too. The object of the game is to collect an acorn of each color. If you land on the ‘sneaky squirrel’ icon on the spinner, you get to steal one of your opponent’s acorns, and if you land on the ‘wind’ icon, you must put back all of the acorns you have acquired. The game’s concept is easy for my toddler to grasp and the gameplay is short; maybe ten minutes, short enough for little one’s attention spans.”

Best Board Games for 5–7-Year-Olds

No Stress Chess

4.8 stars, 1,079 reviews

“My 6-year-old was interested in chess after seeing Harry Potter (Wizard Chess), but I haven’t played in more than 20 years. This game is perfect — I’m relearning while the kids are learning chess. At the beginning, you can draw cards to instruct you on each move. You still have to decide which pawn to move, where to move it, etc. Then you can decide to use the cards for five to ten turns, and then maybe just play regular chess in order to teach a little strategy. For a little kid, it is exciting just to learn what the rules are for each piece (and these rules are clearly diagrammed on the cards). You can eventually flip the board over to the standard unmarked chess board and play like a big kid. By the way, my 4-year-old daughter has jumped right in and loves this game, too.”

Uno Card Game

4.7 stars, 1,891 reviews

“What new can you say about the timeless, classic game of Uno? It’s a wonderful family game to play with people of all ages. Our 3- and 5-year-olds absolutely love it and can completely play their own hands without any help or advice. In fact, they win as much as anyone! It only took a few games for even the 3-year-old to figure it out. He can easily do the color-and-number matching, and both kids love ‘dropping bombs!’ (playing wild cards).”

Connect 4 Game

4.7 stars, 2,011 reviews

“Great classic game. I enjoy playing this with my kids: It’s easy enough for my 5-year-old to understand, but can still be challenging for my 8-year-old. We can also play each round fast, so they don’t get bored too easily.”

SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception

4.7 stars, 1,238 reviews

“It seems so simple in concept, but really is a great game. I first bought this when I was teaching the gifted-and-talented class at my school. The kids loved playing it. I can’t explain just why. So I bought it for my 6-year-old son. I was afraid it might be too difficult for him, but he has caught onto it in no time and now loves playing it. It’s amazing to see how he comes up with some of the more difficult sets!”

Best Board Games for 8–12-Year-Olds

Ticket to Ride

4.7 stars, 3,794 reviews

“This game has become one of our family favorites! I play with my 8-year-old son, my 7-year-old daughter, and my 5-year-old daughter. It’s a great game, and finally after months of me winning every game, my kids have all beaten me at least once (and I do not believe in throwing a game). The board is set up like a map of the United States, and each person is given routes that they have to complete. You get points for completing your route, or you lose those points if you don’t get them. The concept is relatively easy, but it’s a lot of fun!”

Quiddler Card Game

4.8 stars, 1,265 reviews

“We play this game a lot with our kids, ages 7 to 20. You get cards and have to build words. Very, very simple to explain and play. Not a ton of rules. What I love about this is that many people can play (we have a large family), and in each round you get more and more cards. My kids don’t like to read and definitely don’t like word games, and yet they enjoy this one a lot. We played last night, and when it was over, they wanted to play another game, but we said another time. Score big time for Quiddler!!!”

Rummikub — The Original Rummy Tile Game

4.8 stars, 1,824 reviews

“Believe it or not, my grandson told me about this game! He played it with his great-grandma when he went to visit her, and came back raving about it. So I ordered it, and we play every time he comes over now. He’s 9, and I hope this will continue for years. It’s a great game!”

Ravensburger Labyrinth

4.8 stars, 1,013 reviews

“There’s no reading needed to play the game, no counting, no questions to answer. It’s all about moving pieces on a constantly moving game board. So it works for all ages. It’s a game that takes just a minute or two to learn, and just a few turns around the board to get the hang of how to play your turn. You can play with up to four people, which is how we played it. It’s a lot of fun that way. The game board is constantly shifting with more people, so it makes it more challenging. Great game for family night, parties (both kids or adult parties), or any other occasion when you want a game to play that’s easy for anyone to learn; one person doesn’t dominate the whole board and isn’t going to take three hours to play like Monopoly.”

Five Crowns Card Game

4.9 stars, 2,826 reviews

“My daughter, 11 years old, wanted card games for Christmas. I hopped onto good ol’, read the reviews, and purchased this game, as it was highly recommended! I am so glad I did. I cannot begin to tell you how many nights we have played this game. We play it all the time. There are four of us — me, my 11-year-old, my 9-year-old, and my 8-year-old — [and] we all love this game. Now, just for some background, I taught my kids a few years ago how to play Rummy 500, so they had a solid knowledge of what to expect … but this is better than Rummy 500!”


4.8 stars, 1,839 reviews

“Fun game. My daughter played it at school and begged us to play it at home. Bonus for being able to accommodate a lot of people, of differing ages and skill. The true subtlety of the game is being able to give clues for more than one of the targets. Tough to do, but oh, so good when it works out.”

Best Board Games for Teenagers and Adult Children

Pandemic Board Game

4.7 stars, 2,025 reviews

“I was looking for a Christmas gift for a 16-year-old boy, and my nephews recommended Pandemic. I really hesitated, as the idea of fighting disease somehow didn’t appeal to me, and I wasn’t sure it would appeal to the person I was buying the gift for, but finally, based on my nephews’ recommendation and the good reviews, I went ahead and bought it. We spent Christmas holidays with the family of the teenager I bought the game for, and we all ended up playing many, many times. The kids — 11 to 16 — loved it, and so did the parents. A great alternative to computer games for the whole family! And, the cooperative approach — the players try to beat the game, not each other — was a great change from listening to the kids squabbling with each other while playing Minecraft, where they were stealing from each other and killing each other in their virtual world. When we came home from the holiday, I bought the game for our family, too.”

Catan 5th Edition

4.4 stars, 1,519 reviews

“Literally one of the most lit board games of all time. My friend introduced this game to me, and when I first watched them play, I called them nerds and geeks for getting so hyper over a board game. Little did I know, next round I was the one hollering and being a fool when I got resources, roads, settlements, etc. No joke. Hands down the GOAT.”

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Best Board Games for Kids on Amazon, According to Reviews