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The 19 Best Disposable (But Still Fancy) Plates You Can Buy on Amazon

The idea of a “fancy disposable plate” might seem like a contradiction. But disposable party plates have come a long way from those bulk packs of flimsy white paper plates that are probably sitting in your office’s kitchen. There are elegant compostable plates made out of palm leaves, as well as cheap (but expensive-looking) paper plates in a wide range of colors and patterns. There are even plastic plates that look so much like fine porcelain that you might find it hard to actually throw them away (and they’re sturdy enough to hand-wash and reuse at your next party, if you really want.)

These fancy disposable plates can be particularly helpful during the holiday season, whether you’re hosting a dinner and don’t have enough matching settings for all your guests, or you just want to be a little bit lazy and forgo washing dishes after spending all day cooking a Thanksgiving feast.

And to help you find the right paper, plastic, or biodegradable tableware for your one-time (or many-time) party needs, here are 19 disposable — but still fancy — plates that you can buy on Amazon.

Silver and Gold Plastic Plates

50 (10-Inch) Silver Rim Plastic Dinner Plates by SelectSettings

These round, plastic dinner plates have a simple but tasteful silver rim along their edges, and cost less than a dollar a plate.

Kaya Collection — Disposable White with Silver Diamond Rim Plastic Round 10.25-Inch Dinner Plates

These plastic dinner plates feature an intricate, silver diamond pattern around the rim and are thick enough that you could hand-wash them to use again at another event.

Kaya Collection — Disposable White with Gold Rim Plastic Round 9-Inch Buffet Plates

For when you’d prefer a touch of gold on your plastic plates.

Elite Selection Pack of 50 Dinner Disposable Plastic Plates Ivory Color With Gold Lace Rim

These white plastic plates have a delicate, decorative gold filigree edge that makes them look like real porcelain — yet are still strong enough to be reused, if you’re careful with them.

Simple White Plastic Plates

Premium Quality Heavyweight Plastic Plates

These simple, all-white plastic dinner plates are a good choice if you’re looking for a disposable plate that’s fancier — and sturdier — than a conventional paper plate.

Exquisite 60-Pack Premium Disposable Plastic Plates, Heavyweight Square Plastic Plates

This set of square white plastic plates comes with 30 dinner plates and 30 salad or dessert plates.

Clear Plastic Plates

Chinet Cut Crystal Dinner Plates, 10-Inch, 100 Count

For when you want a straightforward, but still nice-looking, clear plastic plate.

Rectangulete Hexagons Translucent Green Hard Plastic Elegant Disposable 10-Inch Rectangle Dinner Plates

The seafoam-green plastic and hammered edges give these rectangular plastic plates a vintage feel.

Compostable and Biodegradable Plates

Leafily Palm Leaf Plates — 10-Inch Square

These biodegradable and eco-friendly square plates are made with palm leaves.

10-Inch Disposable Floral Large Premium White Plates Acanthus Collection

These delicate-looking plates with scalloped edges are fully compostable, made with the leftover materials from sugarcane production.

Cheap-But-Expensive-Looking Disposable Plates

Trendables Premium 10.25-Inch Disposable Plastic Plates — Glam Design — 40 Pack

The golden trim along the edge of this navy blue plastic plate looks hand-painted, giving the set a more unique feel.

Talking Tables Party Porcelain Marble and Gold Foil Paper Plates, Pink/Gold (24 Pack)

These millennial-pink marble paper plates hit every Instagram tableware trend, especially with the gold trim and scalloped edges.

Entertaining With Caspari Entertaining Dinner Plates, Blue and White, Pack of 16

The delicate, blue-and-white toile pattern gives this set of paper plates the look of more expensive porcelain tableware.

Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Vintage Floral Small Paper Plates, 12-Count, 6.75 Inches

There are six different vintage, floral patterns in this set of tea-party-friendly paper plates.

Talking Tables Party Porcelain Curiosities, 12-Count, 8-Inch Gold Foil Paper Plates

There are three different animals depicted in gold foil on these decorative white paper plates: a monkey, a flamingo, and a tiger.

Cute and Kid-Friendly Disposable Plates

Talking Tables Fancy Frond Tropical Fiesta Party Plates, 12-Count, 9-Inch

The palm-leaf motif on these paper plates would be a great fit for a tropical-inspired party, or one that’s channeling the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Meri Meri 45-2075 Gold Foil Die-Cut Pineapple Party Plates, Set of 8

Take the tropical theme more literally with these gold foil, pineapple-shaped paper plates.

Just Artifacts Round Paper Party Plates 9-Inch (12 Pieces) — Baby Blue Polka Dot

These polka dot paper plates are available in a variety of colors, including metallic gold and a bright orchid purple.

Meri Meri Party Pack Unicorn Small Plate and Rainbow Small Napkin (8 Plates and 20 Napkins)

The unicorns, rainbows, and other cute illustrations on these square paper plates with scalloped edges are cute enough for a kid’s party but still tasteful enough for adults.

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Best Disposable But Still Fancy Plates You Can Buy on Amazon