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Introducing: The New York Magazine x Only NY Collaboration

This little gem of an illustration was first published in 1971.

You saw the anniversary issue, you saw the book, and now New York Magazine is continuing its 50th-anniversary celebration through a yearlong collaboration with Only NY, an 11-year-old, New York–based streetwear brand started by a couple of guys who grew up on the Upper West Side. We approached Only NY because of their knack for playing with and finding inspiration from the city’s history without being at all wistful or precious (see their official collaborations with the Parks Department). Their designs are often vintage-inspired, so we gave them free rein of our archives. They surfaced gems (like Milton Glaser’s gossip monster and an illustration that ran in a subscription advertisement from 1971) and took the classic logo to come up with two tees, a sweatshirt, a hat, and a tote. Shop the collection starting today at 12 p.m. (And stay tuned for the next drop, featuring even more items, this spring.) For now, the merch will be available online at Only NY and in-store at 176 Stanton Street.

Gossip T-shirt
Logo Tote Bag
Logo Polo Hat
Commuter T-shirt
Introducing: The New York Magazine x Only NY Collaboration