A Gift for Every Type of Boss (That You Can Buy on Amazon)


Buying a gift for your boss can be a potential minefield. Spend too much and you risk making them feel uncomfortable. Spend too little and you might as well not get anything at all. We went and found gifts for every type of boss there is, all of which hit that perfect sweet spot between too personal and just personal enough.

For the boss who’s always asking what day next Wednesday is

Hand-done images of botanica on an expensive-looking (but not) wall calendar will surely impress the boss without embarrassing them.

For the boss who wastes too many paper cups

A very elegant and shockingly cheap (your boss doesn’t have to know that) stainless mug. Would be good for yourself, too.

For the boss who already has a subscription to New York Magazine

Shameless plug: Our new anniversary book is a great alternative gift.

For the boss who has ‘WORK’ in big block letters

Oh, all the options they’ll have with this letter board. “Go away” and “Not right now” come to mind.

For the four-hour-workweek boss

A sequel to the Tim Ferriss blockbuster, this new book features the work habits and tools of 130-some high achievers, including Maria Sharapova and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.

For the boss who’s got books to display

Some nice agate bookends to keep them upright.

For the highly caffeinated boss

The Osaka pour-over brewer is practically designed to be a desk object — your bleary-eyed boss will adore the thing.

For the boss with office-chair posture

Those cheap desk chairs do a number on your back, but the Backjoy forces you to sit better (here’s another chair add-on we love for better chair posture, too).

For the frazzled boss

A notebook that can be wiped down with a wet paper towel and reused endlessly — they can email the notes to themselves or send them to a phone, too.

For the frazzled boss who’s more low-tech

If your boss needs a reason to get into a 17-month planner, what better one than this black-and-gold version from Florida company Rifle Paper Co.?

For the boss who’s always late to meetings

Maybe all they need is a nice watch.

For the extra-thirsty boss

When your boss needs something a little stronger than coffee, you can’t beat the original Stanley flask (throw in a mini-bottle of bourbon for good measure).

For the boss who’d rather be golfing

We get it — something about the back nine and par and a birdie or whatever. Now they can putt in the office.

For the fit boss

The new super-slim Fitbit tracks steps and sleep patterns, but is also swim-proof — for the triathletes who have to clock in.

For the boss with low blood sugar

Healthy(ish) snacks from Today show health expert Joy Bauer.

For the yoga-straight-after-work boss

Baggu Weekend Bag
Photo: Kabir Fernandez

A gym bag doesn’t have to look like a gym bag — this one from Baggu’s cool enough for work, weekend, and even a night out. It’s one of our favorites.

For the boss who’s always drinking cold water

Does the boss always need somewhere to set down a glass? Coasters to the rescue.

For the boss who’s stressed

Our favorite new stress-relief toy: crunchy magnetic balls that can be formed into sculptures or just squished in hand.

For the boss who’s really stressed

When magnetic balls just won’t cut it, a Shiatsu kneading massager for head, back, and feet may be the big-ticket item that does the trick.

For the boss who packs a lunch

Make it fun and stackable with a dishwasher- and microwave-safe set of bento boxes.

For the boss who exercises instead of eats lunch

An under-the-desk elliptical machine that lets them put in some exercise (and track progress via an app) from nine to five.

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A Gift for Every Type of Boss (That You Can Buy on Amazon)