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The 15 Best Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about kitchen knife sets, frying pans and skillets, cookware sets, saucepans and Dutch ovens, and even asked chefs about their favorite pots and pans, here we’re rounding up the best cutting boards and butcher blocks you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best plastic cutting board with juice groove

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

4.4 stars, 1,800 reviews

“No matter how vigorously I slice, dice, chop, or julienne, my knife has never once pierced the board. I’ve felt so confident in the board, I’ve even used my priceless antique mahogany secretary desk as a surface on which to dice onions. It came through with not so much as a scratch. Wanna use a cleaver to quarter a chicken? This is the board for you. A filet knife to delicately de-skin a salmon? … Your only limitation is your imagination when you’ve got yourself an OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board. Definitely recommend.”

Best three-piece plastic cutting-board set

3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set

4.5 stars, 1,160 reviews

“These cutting boards are of high quality. The three sizes make them handy for a variety of food-preparation tasks. I have a small kitchen, so the smallest one is the workhorse. The handles allow for hanging them up vertically out of the way, yet handy when needed. There is a drip channel along the outer border to help manage liquids before they ooze out onto the counter. The form factor is excellent, an attractive design. The red end treatments are of a no-slip material, and these will not scoot around while in use, nice feature. The boards are made of very durable, long-lasting material and provide a superior cutting surface. They clean up nicely as well … Teflon-like not much sticks to it. These boards provide a great return on investment.”

Best small plastic cutting board

San Jamar CBG6938 Saf-T-Grip Co-Polymer Bar Board

4.6 stars, 108 reviews

“Absolutely outstanding! The small size is perfect for cutting the veggies for mixed drinks. Each side has little finlike things at each corner that make it stick to the counter while slicing. That is to say, you cannot move the board by pushing it sideways or front to back. You have to pick it up and move it. What a great safety feature … If you do any amount of garnish for your drinks that include slicing, you need one of these. Olives, limes, celery, and [so] on.”

Best extra-large plastic cutting board

Stanton Trading 18 by 30 by 1/2-Inch Cutting Board, White

4.7 stars, 320 reviews

“First of all, this is huge! I didn’t realize how big a cutting board this is, so I have to stand it up in our pantry. It doesn’t fit in normal cupboard side drawers for cookie sheets, etc. That said, I’m not complaining AT ALL! This is fantastic!! We use it to cover our sink area when we’re making large fowl or two turkeys. I especially love it for basting ribs. Thick and durable. It does not fit into a dishwasher, so we wash it down in our laundry large sink instead. I’ve had no problem with staining or warping whatsoever. My daughter even uses this for school projects, so she doesn’t mess up our counter!”

Best chop-and-scoop cutting board

Dexas Chop & Scoop Cutting Board, 11 by 15 Inches, White With Black Handle

4.7 stars, 254 reviews

“I have been on a quest to find the world’s best cutting board, and this is it! Easy-grip handle, just the right size. The sides are just barely curved, so it holds any juices and is easy to scoop the chopped food out. Footers on the bottom keep it from moving around the countertop, and I can put it in the dishwasher. What more could I want? The 11 by 5 was the perfect size. Attractive enough to leave out for easy access. Totally LOVE it!”

Best double-sided flexible plastic cutting mat

Kitchen Gizmo TPU Cutting Board — Large

4.6 stars, 655 reviews

“I love these cutting mats … First of all, they are easy on my knives, they don’t curl because they are thicker and heavier than other mats. They don’t move around the counter, and are a breeze to clean. I have wooden cutting boards for some applications, but, if I am chopping vegetables, this is my preferred cutting surface. Actually, the Gizmo is my go-to cutting surface for most things. I have gotten rid of all my other plastic mats and boards, this is all I need.”

Best set of color-coded flexible plastic cutting mats

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats With Food Icons

4.4 stars, 942 reviews

“So many of these look good and then are a complete disappointment upon arrival. These are not. They’re tough, hefty, strong, and resilient. I run a thriving food blog, and these are my go-to boards. The crosshatch pattern on the undersides keeps them from sliding on counter or tabletop. They stand up to a lot of cooking and just keep on performing. Well worth your money, over any other I’ve tried.”

Best bamboo cutting board with set of plastic cutting mats

Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean Bamboo Cutting Board and 7 Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Mats With Food Icons Set

4.5 stars, 907 reviews

“This cutting board has changed my life. Cleaning my cutting board used to stress me out because I knew no matter what I did, the germs were still lingering in the wood or bamboo (depending on the board). But those troubles are over with this set. All I have to do is clean the mat (well, I also wipe off the surface of the board real quick just to be safe, but I doubt it’s necessary unless you’ve got meat juice spilling everywhere). This gem also eliminates the need for multiple cutting boards, and therefore saves space. The board itself is study and solid. And what a great price!! This is a steal! I promise I wasn’t paid to write this. I just really, really love this cutting board.”

Best bamboo cutting board with juice grooves

Greener Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

4.7 star, 1,165 reviews

“I received this bamboo cutting board a few days ago and was very excited to use it. I have always wanted a bamboo cutting board because I had heard of their durability. This cutting board exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure to cut up our veggies on such a smooth surface, and the generous size of the board allowed me to make little piles of the different veggies as I cut. This cutting board comes with a handy indentation all around the board’s edge to catch juices. Plus, the wood’s color and curved corners add to its natural beauty. I especially like that this particular board is organic bamboo. This cutting board is very strong, well-made, and definitely worth the price. (My neighbor is going to buy one, too.) I am sure it will last a very long time.”

Best bamboo butcher block with prep bowls

Totally Bamboo 3-Bowl Butcher Block Prep Board

4.5 stars, 223 reviews

“Gorgeous. The bowls, and novelty of the design, make it even more attractive. Could be used at a party with bread [or] crackers [or] vegetables on the board and dips in the bowls. Amazing cutting surface [and the] bowls are attractive and easy to clean. The thumb hole makes them easy to lift out. You can also buy replacements. Raised surface means the bottom doesn’t get dirty or wet. You can also slide a plate [or] plastic cutting sheet under the board, allowing you to easily transfer cutup items … I have nice knives and wanted a cutting board to match. I bought this hoping it would be an item I would never have to or want to replace. It’s only been two months, so I suppose this board is still in its infancy, but I have not been disappointed. Cutting on it is a pleasure. Like any board, it will scratch if you use sharp knives, but scratches are not noticeable due to the bamboo design (especially if you keep it oiled).”

Best hardwood stove-top cutting board

Camco Hardwood Cutting Board and Stove Topper With Non-Skid Backing, Includes Flexible Cutting Mat

4.7 stars, 354 reviews

“I recently purchased this item for my travel trailer. I wanted something that I could place over my stove top. This is the perfect size; it’s very heavy, great quality, and stays where you put it. It has a great nonslip mat attached to the back, it stays in place, which is a great feature for camping! It also comes with a flexible cutting mat — bonus! I love this product and I love the extra space it gives me on top of my stove top! I would definitely purchase this product again!”

Best hardwood butcher block

John Boos RA03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

4.3 stars, 305 reviews

“This certainly is a cutting board built to last. It is very handsome, so there is no need to put it away between uses. One caveat to potential buyers: This model is HUGE! Be sure to check your available space. If this is the size you truly want, then this is the model for you. I like it because it is big enough for large recipes (Thanksgiving size) that require many chopped and shaped vegetables.”

Best hardwood butcher block with juice grooves

John Boos RA02-GRV Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board With Juice Moat

4.2 stars, 144 reviews

“This board is not only a practical cutting surface, it’s a work of art. It is beautifully constructed and very sturdy. It’s nice to have a moat for juices when carving a turkey, and it can be flipped over for a fully flat surface when cutting vegetables. Its weight practically eliminates slipping. After using a small board for years, this one feels like liberation. Oil it monthly to prevent cracking or warping, and you can expect this board to last for generations.”

Best wood-composite cutting board

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 14.5 by 11.25-Inch, Natural

4.3 stars, 481 reviews

“This is a fantastic cutting board. I have had other wood and plastic boards in the past and none of them compare to the Epicurean cutting board. I love that it’s dishwasher-safe and is made from wood, so it doesn’t damage my knives. It’s the best of everything. I haven’t been able to find any negatives about this board. I liked it so much, I bought one for my mother, too. It’s a good size, not too heavy, and I have had no problems with it slipping or moving during use. I’ve had it for close to a month and have used it multiple times. It’s easy to clean since you throw it in the dishwasher, and seems very durable.”

Best glass cutting board

Glass Cutting Board, 15 x 11-inch

4.1 stars, 142 reviews

“SOLID. This glass is solid. I’ve dropped it a couple times and it hasn’t [broken]. While you definitely can’t butcher on it, it’s definitely good for your mild-to-moderate kitchen use. I enjoy how clean it feels when you actually clean it, versus the texture of a traditional wooden cutting board.”

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The Best Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks on Amazon