63 Gifts for Every Type of Mom (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Best Gifts for Mom
Gifts for the martyr mom, the fancy mom, the “funky” mom, and more.

How do you even make a mom-themed gift guide? Some moms are in their 20s. Some moms are in their 90s. Some moms like to cook. Some moms like to drink. Some moms like cashmere. Some moms like lavender. Coming up with the best gifts for mom is an impossible task! So what we’ve attempted to do below is find gifts for several dozen specific mom archetypes that we hope will at least spark some ideas. (We did the same thing for dad gifts last week.)

For the mom who just became a mom

If she hasn’t slept for more than three consecutive hours in the past three months: this Japanese Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask, infused with healing charcoal powder, supposedly relieves exhaustion and stress, and emits infrared rays to lessen eye pressure and swelling. (Here are some of our other favorite gifts for new moms.)

For the mom who says she doesn’t want anything

Yeah, right. We call this DIY gift set for the hard-to-shop-for mom “The Three S’s”: slippers, soap, and scarves. There are few moms out there — even the most picky martyrs among them — who do not like a nice pair of slippers (in this case, from cultish, Danish line Glerups), soap (from Marseille), and scarves (we love this graphic and affordable number from Vince Camuto).

For the mom who has too many scarves

But if she has too many scarves get her this scarf rack, which she can hang in her closet and will keep her collection in order.

For the mom whose feet hurt

If she stands on her feet all day, or if she just deserves to be pampered, this is one of the best-reviewed (and heated) foot massagers on Amazon. If she’d rather more of a foot spa situation, try this one.

For the mom who likes cashmere

Hard to think of a material (second only to linen, maybe) that moms love more than cashmere. This travel set (which is currently 50 percent off) from Amazon’s house fashion line Lark & Ro comes with an eyemask, a pair of socks, a shawl, and a zippable pouch that happens to double as a pillow.

For the mom who just noticed that all the other moms have clogs

She’ll fit in with all the other Brooklyn/Oakland/Silverlake/Portland/etc. moms at the playground now.

For the mom who thinks she’s Lucille Bluth

An Alessi pill box, for when mother needs her “postpartum depression drugs.”

For the mom who thinks she’s Olivia Pope

A set of four Scandal-sized wine glasses.

For the mom who likes the smell of roses

This is Courtney Love’s favorite (rose-scented) facial moisturizer and she told us: “It just makes my face feel fantastic and so soft. I take it with me everywhere. It’s a staple of my kit.”

For the mom who likes the smell of lavender

Because, really, what mom doesn’t? This microwavable eye pillow that writer Hermione Hoby raved about recently sounds pretty darn great: “The thing is soothing as an object in my hands even before I plop its lightly fragrant weight across my eye sockets. The pillow is filled with organic flaxseed and lavender, which means that when you microwave it for 30 seconds, it becomes a warm, scented beanbag that immediately creates a state of relaxation… I’d liken it to throwing a blanket over a bird in a cage — my mind goes as flaccid as the pillow itself, and I’m fast-tracked to pleasant oblivion.”

For the mom who likes the smell of incense

Introduce her to the joys of French incense papers, which she can either fold, accordion-style, and light in this burner, or stow in her underwear drawer.

For the mom whose phone is always dying

She’ll never have to borrow your charger again.

For the mom who kvetches about not seeing enough photos of the grandkids

The best thing about this excellently-reviewed digital picture frame is that it is very simple to set up, and has a very easy-to-use app, so you can remotely drop new photos in there, so she can be surprised with, say, a just-thinking-of-you selfie, or a real-time photo from the kid’s piano recital.

For the mom who kvetches about not having enough physical photos of the grandkids

This little (Select All-approved) gadget will turn her iPhone into an instant camera and will print photos from her photo library, Facebook, Instagram, what-have-you in 30 seconds.

For the mom who thinks she’s a movie star

If she has a little “backstage Patti LuPone” in her, this light-up makeup mirror has very excellent reviews.

For the mom who loves Mr. Darcy

A Jane Austen-inspired Paddywax candle made with gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine, and featuring a quote from the author: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

For the mom who needs a vacation

A night at a cabin in the woods, on you.

For the mom who likes to cook

A Le Creuset casserole that comes in a rainbow of colors, and is perfect for feeding you her famous baked ziti when you’re zonked out on her couch, watching Gilligan’s Island reruns on TV Land.

For the mom who really likes to cook

Okay, yes, $399 is a lot to spend. But giving your mom the DynaCube is essentially hiring a sous chef for her to dice all her fruits and vegetables, so she doesn’t have to. We learned about it from chef Michael Solomonov, of Dizengoff fame, who told us it was at the top of his wish list this year: “Apples, Asian pears, radishes, turnips, peppers, and anything else from your farm share will go into the chopper and come out freshly diced, waiting to be seasoned, mixed, and eaten without using or having to clean a knife or a cutting board.”

For the mom whose knives are too dull

This professional-grade knife set is a Strategist bestseller.

For the mom who likes to bake

A marble baking slab is key for serious bakers (and it’s also lovely to look at). Pair it with this marble rolling pin and you’ve got a nice twofer. Here are some of our other favorite baking tools.

For the mom who really likes to bake

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

One of the most-well-researched cookbook sets of all time comes in five volumes and includes recipes for all types of bread, including parathas, crackers, and dosas.

For the mom who likes her cab

A super-easy-to-use electric wine aerator. Pop it onto a bottle of wine, push a button, and then let the wine flow.

For the mom who really likes her cab

For when she just wants a glass of red before bed: This gadget drills a tiny hole into the cork so she can enjoy a glass of wine without committing to the whole bottle.

For the mom who doesn’t want her cab to go bad

Rather than sticking a cork in an already-opened bottle, she can store her wine in this elegant contraption for up to a week. The “float” inside the carafe automatically adjusts (depending on how much wine is left) to maintain freshness.

For the mom who loves her LaCroix

Two 12-packs of LaCroix to get her through the next couple months.

For the mom who hosts dinner parties

A set of festive coasters, designed by Brooklyn-based brand Bower.

For the mom who’s antisocial

She won’t have to talk, hear, or look at anyone with this “Ostrich Pillow,” which is designed for spontaneous naps. Can be used in an airport, on a car ride, or even at the dinner table.

For the mom still #withher

And who wants to know “What Happened.”

For the mom who worships at the altar of Ruth

She’ll get a real kick out of these RBG socks.

For the mom who likes chocolate and bacon

Four words: Chocolate-covered bacon strips.

For the mom who prefers salad

Over 75 salad recipes from artists like Tauba Auerbach and Laurie Anderson, courtesy of Julia Sherman, the genius mind behind the Salad for President blog. Bonus: The book features illustrations by Strategist contributor Joana Avillez.

For the mom who’s a little bawdy

A slightly overwhelming, but perfect for die-hard fans, collection of never-before-seen Joan Rivers personal archives — jokes written on airplane boarding passes, letters from famous friends — compiled by Melissa Rivers and Scott Currie.

For the mom who’s a little fishy

This illustrated guide to RuPaul’s Drag Race is written by a superfan of the show who claims to be able to recite the order of elimination of every Drag Race contestant — of which there are over 100 over the course of nine seasons, not including spinoffs. Needless to say, it gives a comprehensive and loving, albeit unofficial, look at the Emmy Award–winning show.

For the mom who’s a little neurotic

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast’s frazzled characters are front and center in this new graphic memoir that takes us on a tour of the streets, buildings, and sidewalk gum in Manhattan, as seen through the eyes of a Brooklyn family.

For the mom who got ‘Dark Money’ last year

Get her Masha Gessen’s look at authoritarian Russia via portraits of four Russians born in the ‘80s which just won the National Book Award.

For the mom who needs new pajamas

A pair of supersoft Eberjey PJs that look quite a bit more expensive than they are.

For the mom who needs a new bathrobe

We have known a few mothers who’ve complained that they get too hot in those fleece-y robes. This lightweight cotton one is a perfect year-round option from Mom Brand Natori.

For the mom who’s obsessed with her Instant Pot

If she won’t shut up about her Instant Pot, get her these mini-silicone mitts recommended by Instant Pot cookbook author Daniel Shumski: “They are are particularly handy for getting the inner pot out of the Instant Pot because there’s sort of a ridge there that you’re having to reach under. So if your gloves are too thick or too big, you’re not going to catch it quite right.”

For the mom who’s obsessed with her Keurig machine

The idea is that she can place this little drawer underneath her machine and store her K-cups inside it (for easy access, and for saving counter space).

For the mom who spins

A sleek, BPA-free glass water bottle for her regular 8:30 a.m. ride.

For the mom who gardens

A decidedly non-dowdy watering can for tending to her houseplants that’s so handsome it can be displayed on a windowsill.

For the mom who doesn’t garden

These dried billy buttons will never need to be watered; pair them with a charming glass medicine bottle.

For the mom who’s a minimalist

An incredibly handsome watch from Braun with a mesh bracelet band.

For the mom whose favorite child is actually the cat

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

So she can lick her cat just like a mama grooms her young. No judgments here.

For the mom who still writes letters

If she’s an Eleanor Roosevelt–style prolific letter writer, she’ll love this French stationery, which happens to be a favorite of illustrator Maira Kalman.

For the mom looking to dip her toe into K-beauty

These snail-slime eye patches that beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton buys in bulk have become something of a Strategist phenomenon. You two can wear these snail patches under your eyes together while binge-watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel over break.

For the mom who has S.A.D.

This soothing wake-up light from Philips is an alarm clock that uses sunrise-mimicking light (as opposed to loud beeps) to wake you up.

For the mom who drinks tea

If she’s just gotten into loose tea, this Japanese pot comes with a basket in which to steep her leaves. (Throw in some Ksumi for good measure.)

For the mom who drinks coffee

This Zoku iced-coffee maker turns regular hot coffee into iced coffee in just a few minutes. (You keep the stainless-steel mug in the freezer, pour in your coffee, et viola.)

For the mom who likes to Netflix and chill

She can cuddle up on the couch with this Pendleton blanket-poncho, or even wear it while running errands.

For the mom who’s fancy

Linda Rodin’s ollo lusso is the stuff of beauty-product legend; you’re meant to dab a little on your face each morning, and it leaves skin supple and glowing. It’s one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorites.

For the mom who’s funky

It’s a vase. In the shape of a banana!

For the mom who chairs the library book sale

It’s a tote bag. That looks like an old-timey library card!

For the mom who could use a desk upgrade

A Champagne-gold mouse pad that’ll immediately gussy up her workspace.

For the mom who already has a pair of Bean Boots

How about a pair of slip-on Tretorn rain boots with a cozy shearling-esque inner? Perfect for walking the dog when it’s raining out.

For the mom whose idea of lipstick is cherry-flavored Chapstick

Upgrade her Chapstick with this culty lip balm from Smith’s, a company founded in 1895.

For the mom whose idea of lipstick is cherry-flavored Chapstick (who you want to spend more money on)

This Tata Harper lip tint also doubles as a cheek tint. According to Cup of Jo’s Joanna Godard: “you just pat it on your lips and cheeks and go. The natural, moisturizing pop of pink stays on all day and is flattering on pretty much every skin tone.”

For the mom who wears elegant jewelry

A pair of incredibly dainty earrings designed by Melissa Joy Manning. Ana Gasteyer can’t live without these and told us: “I’ve had two or three menfolk come up to me and ask me what my earrings are because their wives would just love them.”

For the mom who likes baths

Pair a comfy bath pillow with some honeydew-scented bubble bath. Throw in the Olivia Pope wineglasses from above, and she’ll really thank you.

For the mom who likes to read in the bath

The new Kindle Oasis is both astonishingly thin and, most importantly for our purposes here, waterproof.

For the mom who likes to dry off

These organic towels hail from Imabari, the cotton capital of Japan, and claim to be “as soft and silky as cashmere yet durable enough for everyday use.” (For more bathroom-centric gift ideas, click here.)

For the mom who watches her “programs”

This little wooden contraption makes watching Masterpiece Theater while sipping espresso extremely easy (and spill-proof).

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A Gift for Every Type of Mom (That You Can Buy on Amazon)