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49 Non-Boring Last-minute Stocking Stuffers Under $25 (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

The time to order your last-minute gifts is now, people. And if you’ve still got some stocking stuffers left to buy, and would rather not get everyone Starbucks cards this year, we’ve gathered together 49 slightly off-the-beaten-path doodads and gizmos that are either extremely useful or extremely delightful (and sometimes both).

For the dad who’s really into family game night

Set Enterprises Visual Perception Family Card Game Set
$12 at Amazon

Give him a fast-paced, highly reviewed card game you’ll actually enjoy playing with the rest of your family.

For the mom who loves her evening glass of Pinot Noir

Premium Waiters Corkscrew With Rosewood
$19 at Amazon

A handsome wine key will make quick work of opening her next bottle.

For the college student who complains about her roommate’s late-night routine

Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask
$9 at Amazon

This cute silk sleeping mask comes with ear plugs, so she can totally block out her roommate before she goes to sleep.

For the dad who’s gotten into survivalism

The Original Bomber Firestarting Paracord Keychain
$16 at Amazon

This bracelet doubles as a fire starter, perfect for that postapocalyptic scenario your dad’s been prepping for, and small enough to fit in his stocking.

For the hard-to-shop-for mom who seems to have everything

Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch
$10 at Amazon

She probably doesn’t have golden eye patches (a perennial Strategist favorite recommended by Rio Viera-Newton).

For the parents who can never keep their phones charged

2 Pack 10 Foot Lightning Cable
$13 at Amazon

This Select All–approved ten-foot-long iPhone cord comes in a two-pack, so you can give one to each parent.

For the sibling who saw the new “Star Wars” movie on opening night

Star Wars R2-D2 C-3PO 2 Pair Pack Crew Socks
$13 at Amazon

Give them droid-themed socks they can wear to the movie theater when they see it for the second (or third or fourth) time with you.

For the older sister who’s obsessed with her Classplass

Jonathan Adler Pop Candle, Grapefruit
$38 at Amazon

This candle will make her home smell like a SoulCycle studio — minus the sweat.

For the college student whose wardrobe is inspired by gorpcore

Stanley Classic Flask
$23 at Amazon

Though this stainless-steel one is designed to be enjoyed outdoors, it’s still stylish to flash around on campus.

For the mom who only wants “practical” gifts this year

Leighton Duckhead Auto Open Aa Ver. 2013
$25 at Amazon

This stylish umbrella, in millennial pink, is cute and functional.

For the sibling who really got in touch with their spiritual side in 2017

Incense Matches — 15-Pack Variety
$16 at Amazon

This set of stylish incense matchsticks comes with 15 different scents and gives a room what one Strategist editor describes as “a brief wisp of fragrant smoke,” so they can enjoy burning incense without making the whole house smell.

Editors’ note: These incense matchsticks are running low on stock and might not arrive until after Christmas. A good alternative is this highly reviewed scented candle.

For the college graduate who recently moved into their first apartment

Malin + Goetz Hand + Body Wash, Cannabis, 8.5 Ounce
$24 at Amazon

This soap might come in a fancy bottle, but this cannabis-scented two-in-one body and hand wash is a great gift to help a lazy college graduate seem like they have their life in order, without too much effort.

For the teenager who traded in their glasses for their first pair of contact lenses

Kikkerland Contact Lens Case
$4 at Amazon

This $4 ladybug contact-lens case is both adorable and useful.

For the tween boy obsessed with his Nintendo Switch

PDP Pixel Pals Nintendo Super Mario World Mario Collectible Lighted Figure
$15 at Amazon

Get him a light-up pixelated Mario to go along with his excitement for Super Mario Odyssey.

For the teenage girl who’s starting to get into makeup

TonyMoly Mini Peach Lip Balm
$10 at Amazon

Not only does this peach lip balm smell good and work well, as writer Molly Young notes, once she finishes the product, she “will want to rinse out the gleaming containers and repurpose them for small sundries” because it’s just so cute.

For the anime-obsessed 10-year-old

Raindrops Mini Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box
$7 at Amazon

You could try to guess which Japanese cartoon is their favorite, or you could just get them this box of sushi-shaped candy that will, at the very least, satisfy their sweet tooth.

For the cousin who went to art school

Design As Art (Penguin Modern Classics)
$15 at Amazon

They’ll be sure to appreciate this treatise on modern design written by the legendary Italian artist, designer, and inventor Bruno Munari.

For the tween girl who’s excited that she got her ears pierced this year

S.Leaf Cat Ear Stud Earrings
$16 at Amazon

These pearl earrings with rhinestone cat ears are simple but still totally cute.

For the 8-year-old who was entranced by the solar eclipse

NASA Iron-On Patches #5 — Super Save Pack
$4 at Amazon

Encourage their interest in space with a set of iron-on patches that will let them turn any jacket into part of a makeshift astronaut suit.

For the fifth-grader who still plays with their fidget spinner

Kekilo Magic Rainbow Fidget Spinner Hand Toy
$12 at Amazon

Add this holographic fidget spinner to their collection and ask them to show you some tricks.

For the adult cousin who wishes they could still play with their fidget spinner

Speks — Original (2.5mm) Mashable, Smashable, Rollable, Buildable Magnets
$25 at Amazon

According to the Strategist’s own Katy Schneider, these magnetic balls are less noticeable than a fidget spinner, but still a great stocking stuffer for “someone who’s even slightly fidgety.”

For the 6-year-old cousin who wants a puppy

Lego Friends Puppy Pampering 41302 Building Kit
$19 at Amazon

Since you probably shouldn’t get them a dog, put this affordable Lego set in their stocking, and help them set up a little puppy-grooming shop.

Editors’ note: Since this kit might arrive after Christmas, you could also give a Parrot’s Perch set or a Poodle’s Little Palace.

For the younger sister who started bullet-journaling

Livework 10 Colors Twin Pen Set
$13 at Amazon

This set of five dual-tipped pens is the best stocking stuffer for anyone obsessed with stationary or color-coding their notes.

For the aunt who loves talking about her houseplants

Brass Mister
$24 at Amazon

A handsome brass mister will help her take care of her beloved ficus tree and countertop succulents.

For the baby celebrating their first holiday

VWU Baby Thick Cuff Cotton Socks 5-Pack
$13 at Amazon

Giving the gift of socks might be lost on the baby, but their parents will appreciate the thought.

For the nerdy cousin with a morbid sense of humor

All My Friends Are Dead Enamel Pin
$22 at Amazon

Because they know 2017 was a rough year.

For the older sibling who’s already starting to plan for 2018

Jstory Large Personal Monthly Planner
$14 at Amazon

This Korean monthly planner has a minimalist design, but still enough space for all of their appointments.

For the uncle who’s always on a business trip

Flight 001 4-In-1 Adapter
$21 at Amazon

This colorful travel adapter is great for frequent travelers, and the bright colors mean he’ll always be able to spot it at the bottom of his bag.

For the wildlife-obsessed cousin

Kikkerland Safari Pencils, Set of 4 (4348)
$5 at Amazon

This set of four animal-shaped pencils is almost too cute to use (which might actually be an appropriate metaphor for the state of modern conservation that your environmentalist cousin would appreciate).

For the grandparent with an old-timey sense of humor

Emergency Clown Nose
$4 at Amazon

They’ll be sure to get a kick out of a classic red clown nose, cleverly packaged in a jar for emergency situations only.

Editors’ note: If you’re concerned about this emergency clown nose arriving after Christmas, give a 16-pack of clown noses instead.

For the cat person in your life

Waldbaur Chocolate Cat Tongues
$9 at Amazon

These German sweets are shaped like cat tongues — and come in an adorable, cat-adorned box — but taste like delicious chocolate.

Editors’ note: These chocolate cat tongues are expected to arrive after Christmas, so consider giving these equally adorable Japanese chocolates instead.

For the college freshman who’s still trying to decorate their dorm room

LED Cactus Light, YiaMia Cute Night Table Lamp
$9 at Amazon

This cute LED cactus-shaped lamp will light up their room in style.

Editors’ note: This cactus lamp may arrive after Christmas, but the flamingo version is in stock and should arrive by the holidays.

For the dog that’s really just another member of the family

MultiPet Gumby Dog Toy
$4 at Amazon

Your dog might not know it’s the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil them with a toy that’s cute enough to leave lying around your house.

For the cousin who thinks they’re an Instagram influencer

KobraTech Mini Cell Phone Tripod
$18 at Amazon

This tripod for their cell phone comes with a remote control, so they can take photos of themselves without anyone else’s help.

For the digital nomad in your family

Umbra Tangram Travel Organizer
$17 at Amazon

A foldout travel organizer that comes with four mesh zipper pouches and a little loop up top, so you can hang it by a doorknob or a wall hook.

Editors’ note: The pink version of this travel organizer is sold out, but the charcoal is just as handy, though it might arrive after Christmas. A good, albeit less design-conscious, alternative is this Strategist-approved set of packing cubes.

For the sister-in-law who keeps up with the Kardashians

Elago Keyring Headphone Splitter
$10 at Amazon

The perfect couple gift: a headphone splitter, so they can watch Vanderpump Rules together on a plane.

For the young (or the young-at-heart) Disney fanatic

Minnie Mouse Watch
$15 at Amazon

Good for a 6-year-old who just got back from Disney World, or a hipster 22-year-old, who just got back from Disney World.

For the recent college grad who needs some help with personal grooming

$8 at Amazon

Meet the “Groomarang”: It’s a beard-styling comb that ensures his cheek, jaw, and neckline get groomed in a straight line.

For the recently retired grandparent

The New York Times Best of Monday Crosswords
$6 at Amazon

Give the gift of 75 of the New York Times’ easiest crossword puzzles: a perfect thing for them to occupy themselves with while half-watching TV over a lazy holiday weekend.

For the father-in-law who loves hosting tiki parties in the summer

Yunko Pineapple Ice Cube Tray
$6 at Amazon

A silicone pineapple ice-cube tray: perfect for a party thrower.

For the aunt whose favorite winter activity is baking cookies

Christmas / Holiday Cookie Cutter Set — 3 Piece
$10 at Amazon

Get ready for more snowflake-, gingerbread-man-, and snowflake-shaped cookies.

Editors’ note: The three-piece set is back-ordered until December 17, but the 11-piece set of holiday cookie cutters is still available.

For the niece or nephew who’s learning how to read

Mr. Nosey
$5 at Amazon

Mr. Nosey, one of our favorite Mr. Men books, will delight any young ones on your list.

For the tween who loves watching YouTube challenge videos

Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (Pack of 2)
$30 at Amazon

Turn Christmas into a “flavor-tripping” party: Have everyone pop one of these tablets into their mouth and then suck on a lemon-slice. Let the fun ensue.

For the quiet niece or nephew who always has their nose in a book

642 Tiny Things to Draw
$9 at Amazon

This pocket-size drawing journal offers imaginative “prompts” for tiny things to draw, like a hot-pepper flake or the last bite of a cookie. Pair it with a fancy pencil.

For the younger sibling who still doesn’t know how to cook an egg correctly

Norpro Egg Timer
$5 at Amazon

Plop this ingenious little egg timer into a pot of boiling water, and its red face changes color to indicate when your egg is soft, medium, or hard-boiled.

For the mom who always forgets her keys

Dynotag Stickers
$20 at Amazon

Give a pack of these Dynotag stickers. They can stick them on their phone, keys, remote control, umbrella, or the bottom of their husband’s shoes, and they’ll be able to track their whereabouts.

For the sibling with the serious sweet tooth

Haribo Peaches, Five-Pound Bag
$10 at Amazon

For a big stocking: a five-pound bag of Haribo peach gummies.

For the 9-year-old cousin who thinks butts are hilarious

Kikkerland Safari Animal Butt Magnets, Set of 6
$11 at Amazon

The ideal stocking stuffer: some animal-butt magnets.

For the cousin you talk with only once a year at the holidays

Dave & Busters Gift Card
$25 at Amazon

You can’t go wrong with a gift card, and Dave & Busters was, after all, the low-key celebrity hot spot of 2017.

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49 Non-Boring Stocking Stuffers Under $25