the won't returnables

The Strategist 100

Welcome to the Strategist 100, our collection of the best, most stood-behind products that have ever appeared on this website. We pored over the entire history of the Strategist and cherry-picked the already cherry-picked things to find the ones we’re most confident about (we’ve been nicknaming it the List of Won’t-Returnables). Here’s how it works: The title of each product is linked to the first Strategist post about it, which you can click for a refresher on why we love it so much. Or click the “Shop Now” button to head straight to the retailer and make a purchase. Our picks range from the practical (supersoft bed sheets and warm bathrobes) to the lovably weird (a back-massaging power tool and giant googly eyes) to the particularly right-now (status planters and faux anthurium flowers), so take your time, tool around, and discover what delights you.

Update: We’ve refreshed this list to include a few of our favorite gifts in time for Mother’s Day, including eyeglass cleaners recommended by chef Carla Hall, superior noise-canceling headphones, and a CBD body lotion that actually works.