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12 Best Men’s Winter Gloves on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about men’s winter boots, a pair of Heattech gloves, the best ski and snowboard gear, and the best women’s winter gloves and mittens, we’ve gone deep here on the best men’s winter gloves and mittens you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best waterproof insulated gloves

Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove
From $23 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 1,805 reviews

“These gloves are fantastic. They are incredibly soft and warm, and the nose wipe is a great idea. I’ve owned ski gloves that were considerably more expensive but didn’t seem to provide any more protection from the elements. While they are bulky, as you’d expect, I’m very surprised by how functional they are. The palms and fingers are surprisingly grippy. It’s possible to write while wearing them, and I was even able to pick up individual nuts and bolts off the floor of my garage with them on.”

Best waterproof insulated mittens

Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mitt
From $19 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 742 reviews

“I ski as much as I can. I finally decided to switch to mittens after I lost my pair of gloves on the mountain. I LOVE these gloves: They keep my hands warm, they’re easy to take on and off, and you cannot beat the price of these. I accidentally left a pair on the roof of my car and bought another pair immediately because of the price and comfort these gloves provided me with. Love them! Will buy again.”

Best fur-lined leather gloves

Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Our Bestselling Italian Rabbit Fur Gloves
$60 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 287 reviews

“I waited a few days before writing this review in hopes of getting a fuller experience with them. I am blown away. First off, they look great. The thick leather is of obvious quality, which shows in its ability to stretch and conform to the shape of the hand. The experience of wearing them only gets better with time. The rabbit-fur lining is sinfully soft. They slide on easily and more than likely you’ll fight to find a reason to take them off. Keep in mind that there is a slight tendency for the lining to ‘shed.’ However, it is light and far from being a nuisance. Finally, these gloves are boastful in their warmth. The fur insulates well and the leather creates a breathable barrier between you and the cold objects you come into contact with. I highly recommend these.”

Best cashmere-lined leather gloves

Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Italian Lambskin Cashmere Lined Winter Leather Gloves
$60 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 166 reviews

“Leather is very soft and pliable, with a dull sheen. They are fully lined to the fingertips; the cashmere lining is a knitted light gray, soft, and relatively thin … There is some elastic on the inside of the wrist to keep the glove snug, and the leather is bunched there. The accent lines on the back of each glove are as shown in the photos. The gloves seems to be carefully constructed of high-quality materials and precisely sewn. Fit is accurate; my hand is between 8 and 8.5 inches, and medium was the right choice. Overall, these are exactly as I hoped: a high-quality pair of warm, dressy gloves at a competitive price. Strongly recommended.”

Best touchscreen-friendly leather gloves under $50

Vetelli Men’s Winter Gloves/Black Leather Driving Gloves (Touchscreen Technology)
From $25 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 220 reviews

“Nice and snug fitted gloves. Have the feel and appearance of high-end gloves at a really nice price! Highly recommend these gloves for anyone looking to keep their hands warm while being able to use their smartphone or tablet. Haven’t used for snow or anything similar, but that’s because they aren’t designed for that use. I don’t know why I waited this long?”

Best stretchy unlined dress gloves

Isotoner Men’s Spandex Glove With Suede Palm Strips
From $28 at Amazon

4.6 stars, 238 reviews

“My husband is very satisfied with these gloves! He has large hands and doesn’t like thick gloves because they don’t give him the flexibility he needs. These are very comfortable thanks to the spandex. Well-made and very warm without being bulky. We have always been happy with Isotoner products, which retain their shape and appearance for years. These were purchased last season and are still in excellent condition.”

Best leather motorcycle-riding gloves

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Men’s Leather Gauntlet Riding Gloves
$30 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 189 reviews

“I own a Milwaukee jacket and to have these gloves to match is great. My previous leather gloves were fine but were short, so I would get air get up into my sleeve (I do not have a full shield on my bike). That makes for a chilly ride to work in the morning. With the extra length in this pair, it’s now a warmer and more comfortable ride. The only downside (and I’m splitting hairs) is they are a bit on the thin side, so in 50-t0-55-degree temps, the hands get a bit cold. Otherwise, I highly recommend!”

Best convertible wool mittens

Igloos Men’s The Sentry Mittens
$15 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 603 reviews

“They are my favorite, favorite gloves. This is the third time I have bought these — not because they broke apart, but because I constantly lose the left glove. I highly recommend you buy these if you want comfort, warmth, and mobility.”

Best fleece-lined wool gloves with leather grips

Fox River Four Layer Glove
From $23 at Amazon

4.2 stars, 228 reviews

“The exterior is made of a nice knitted material that helps keep your hands warm and insulated, while also being ‘tough’ so as to not break down or fall apart on you. The palm and finger area is lined with a leather-like material that helps provide a nice gripping surface. The really great thing about this combination is it offers the flexibility of wool with the grip of leather; while most leather seems to be stiff and bulky even after regular use, this product doesn’t have any of those negative qualities right off the bat. So far they have kept my hands very warm, and perform extremely well while working outdoors.”

Best silk liner gloves

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Gloves Thermal Liner Unisex
$15 at Amazon

4.2 stars, 636 reviews

“These are perfect for me. I got these liners to wear under mittens and rancher’s hide gloves. I’m in the Adirondacks and outside in the weather constantly. Gathering firewood and working outdoors is brutal on your hands if you don’t have the right stuff to keep you warm and dry. These liners are very comfortable, fit just as expected, and don’t have that scratchy/itchy feeling in between the fingers that synthetic liners do. The silk is soft and, although still new, looks like it will hold up well to wear when cared for properly. These liners are very warm and cozy when used with another outer shell layer, and they keep your fingers feeling nice in cold, damp weather. Remember they are LINERS, not GLOVES … They are meant to add insulation, warmth and comfort to the INSIDE of your gloves. … I like these a lot. Get some. You won’t be disappointed.”

Best touchscreen-friendly winter running gloves

TrailHeads Elements Touchscreen Running Gloves
$20 at Amazon

4.3 stars, 191 reviews

“Great gloves for running in cold weather. You don’t want big, thick gloves, because after a few miles your hands will be sweating. These gloves are great due to the vents on the sides of the fingers. At the beginning of my run I keep my fingers clenched to retain the heat. After a few miles, I open my fingers to allow the air to circulate. I really like these gloves and they do a great job of keeping me warm.”

Best all-around winter sports gloves

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women
$27 at Amazon

4.2 stars, 1,572 reviews

“Wow. I wear these gloves every day, biking to work. I wear them when I go hiking and pretty much in any situation. It has been great hiking as they keep your hands at a good temperature, where you want to keep them on. Also, hiking through snow and touching snow, they didn’t get soaked and still kept my hands very dry. The rubber pattern on the inside of the hand is very useful for holding onto things, as well as being functional for grabbing things … out of your pack. The fit of these gloves is another great point and allows you to actually use your hands [without having] to take the gloves off.”

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Best Men’s Winter Gloves on Amazon, According to Reviews