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35 Striped Tees for Every Kind of Person

Photo: Retailer

In the most recent issue of New York Magazine, we explored the enduring appeal of the striped T-shirt — we tested a bevy of new stripes-specific brands, parsed one stripe-obsessives’ (hefty) collection, and even stood on a street corner in Soho for three hours counting how many we saw (94). Which is to say, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that we’re a bit mad for stripes here at the Strategist. Stripes of all kinds catch our eyes: classic mariner, preppy, grunge, minimalist, maximalist, ones like Jean Seberg’s in Breathless and ones that would make Ernie and Bert proud. Stripes are one of the few patterns it’s nearly impossible to get sick of — and especially now, when designers are making versions for all matter of stripe preference. Here we’ve found some winning striped tees for practically every kind of person.

For the Francophile purist

Saint James Minquiers Moderne Striped Sailor Shirt

For the one who wants to show a little collarbone

Uniqlo Striped Boat Neck Long-Sleeve T-shirt
Photo: Retailer
Uniqlo Striped Boat Neck Long-Sleeve T-shirt

For the one who prefers her stripes a little weird

COS Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

For the one who thinks a transitional-weather crop top is a wardrobe staple

Marc Jacobs Striped Long-Sleeve Crop Top

For the one who loves le cinema

La Ligne Seberg Tee

For the one who likes a camp counselor vibe