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The Best Air Fryers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like knife sharpeners), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about slow cookers, toasters and toaster ovens, frying pans and skillets, cookware sets, electric griddles and indoor grills, and even microwaves, here we’re rounding up the best air fryers you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best electric air fryer with preprogrammed settings

GoWISE USA Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets, GW22639 (3.7 QT)

“First time using this thing, and let me tell you, I’m very impressed. The sweet-potato fries were good and my chicken tenders were perfect. Crispy outside, moist inside. Would definitely use this frier more often. I also made curry shrimp and they are perfect. I’m happy with this purchase and definitely would recommend it to my friends.”

Best air fryer with a touchscreen display

FrenchMay Air Fryer

“Love this thing! First off, the food tastes amazing! Second, it’s so easy to operate, even my hubby uses it (and he can’t boil water — sorry, Joe). Third, it cuts cooking time in half of baking time — and you don’t have to preheat! And last, it cleans up so easily! I never leave appliances out on my counter — except for this baby. Can’t imagine not having one for the rest of my life!”

OMORC Air Fryer XL (5.8 QT)

“I love it. I cooked a 5.5-pound chicken in it. It came out so juicy. I’ve had an air fryer before, so using this I’m not a stranger to. The bigger size is definitely a plus. It is so quiet. [I can] barely hear it running. Love it.”

Best as-seen-on-TV air fryer

Power Air Fryer XL (5.3 QT, Black)

“This unit is probably the best on the market for the price. I have been using mine for over a year with great results. I am so happy that I bought two more for gifts for my daughters and they love the results. I read a lot of negative comments from others on how the basket goes in when warm, and all I can say to them is to use common sense and hold the basket up as you slide it in, and it slides right into place. I recommend this product to friends all the time.”

Best-rated air fryer for under $50

Dash Compact Air Fryer (1.2 L)

“Great for frying chicken! I love fried food but they’re not good for you … anyway I fried two large chicken thighs with no breading; the chicken skin was super crispy and all the grease was in the bottom of the cooker. It is small, but I’m single, so perfect for me. I’ve only had it a few weeks, but it’s definitely a great item. And I love the color! The only downside for ‘those of a certain age’: The numbers on the timer are hard to see.”

Best-rated hot air fryer under $75

Simple Chef Air Fryer

“Finally bought one of these and have not regretted since. One of the best kitchen tools on my countertop. Easy to use, easy to clean, and the best thing are all the healthy foods. No more greasy French fries. One of the nice features of this fryer is that the basket is quite large compared to the other brands I was looking at. It will easily hold enough fries for three to four people to eat. I’ve been experimenting with food items I thought I would never fry. Just add one to two teaspoons of olive oil, add the items, timer for 20 minutes, and you’re done. I’ve done eggs, wings, fries that you would ‘normally’ fry. But I’ve also done egg noodles (like pan-fried noodles in Chinese restaurants). I tried deep-fried Twinkies even. Didn’t come out exactly like the deep-fried Twinkies from the fairs, but it wasn’t horrible either. Overall, my family enjoys having this fryer. It really is a good way to make the normally unhealthy fried foods less unhealthy.”

Best-rated hot air fryer under $100

Avalon Bay Air Fryer

“I can’t believe how convenient this appliance is to use. I just pull out the basket, throw in some food, then set the temperature and timer according to the directions printed on the top of the unit. As long as I remember to shake the basket halfway through the cooking time, I get consistently great results. French fries don’t have that super-crispy fried taste, but they’re pretty darn good. We get the Ore-Ida Simply Olive Oil and Sea Salt fries, and they come out with a taste and texture very similar to what you’d get at Wendy’s. But these have got to be much healthier, as you’re adding no fat in the cooking process! … My teen is already asking if he can take one with him to college!”

Best air fryer for one to two people

Black+Decker Purify Air Fryer, Black/Stainless Steel, HF100WD (2L)

“I had planned to buy an air fryer for close to a year. I finally decided on this one. All I can say is, ‘Oh my goodness!’ I wish I would have bought it a year ago. I don’t deep-fry anything because … it is not healthy and I can’t stand the lingering smell in my house. All the things I have been making in the oven — fries, fish sticks, onion rings, chimichangas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, etc. — come out tasting so much better in this air fryer. I used no oil for most things. I would definitely recommend this item. I have been telling all of my friends.”

Best digital air fryer for one to two people

NutriChef Electric Hot Air Fryer Oven With Digital Display

“Our friends have been raving about air fryers for the longest time. We were always intrigued, but never went through with the purchase. Well, we finally gave in … If you’re going to eat fried- or crispy-type foods anyway, might as well make it healthier, no? This thing is convenient, quick, easy-to-use! You get crispy, delicious foods with less guilt than you normally would. We’ve done the fried frozen foods, and raw wings, chops, and Thai ribs. EVERYTHING TASTES SO. DARN. GOOD. We haven’t quite perfected sweet-potato fries yet, but we’ll get there soon. Sometimes the presets are good, sometimes not so good. If it’s not to our liking, we just add more or adjust the next time — it’s not too bad.”

GoWISE USA 7-in-1 Programmable Air Fryer, (3.7 QT)

“My husband bought this for me, and I love my new toy … This is so much better than a regular toaster oven. I made chicken wings using the preprogrammed mode, but reduced the time to 14 minutes. The wings were so juicy and the skin was crispy. I tried Costco frozen egg rolls in the fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit [for] 15 minutes, and it was perfect. I’ve used it to bake banana bread and it was good. This is perfect for the two of us because the capacity is just right. I love it.”

Best air fryer for a family of four

Philips Airfryer, the Original Airfryer

“I purchased this air fryer during the lightening sale because Gordon Ramsay endorses this model. It arrived and at first I was a little intimidated by it — then I thought I’ll start with potatoes. I used some gold potatoes I had at home for baking and cut them into identical sized French fries, soaked them in water for 30 minutes before air frying, sprayed the basket with cooking spray, placed the soaked potatoes in the air fryer, and 22 minutes later had the best French fries of my life! … My family has loved everything I’ve cooked in it.”

COSORI Air Fryer (5.8 Qt)

This air fryer is awesome! I need a large basket for walleye and this is the largest I could find (ten-by-ten), which was a selling point. However, there are so many benefits! The programmed options, the ease of cleaning, the safety button on the basket, the price, just to name a few. I’ve only had it a few days and I’ve already made a home for it on my counter and replaced my smaller, less versatile Phillips air fryer with this dynamo. I’ll keep the other one for things like fries or potatoes, while using this one for the main items.”

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The Best Air Fryers, According to Amazon Reviewers