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The Best-Looking Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers

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Our office — and readers — collectively freaked out when we learned that Amazon not only sells plants, but that they manage to deliver live shrubs, trees, and flowers without destroying them in the process. However, those of us without green thumbs felt a little left out of the party. Even if a fiddle-leaf fig or rubber plant made it safely from an Amazon warehouse to my apartment, I’d inevitably forget to water it, overwater it, or stick its pot in a dark corner the sun never touches. Fortunately there’s lots of attractive artificial greenery out there for us serial plant killers. The non-negligent can enjoy these, too, especially pet owners, as many common houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs.

In combing through the forest of faux foliage I decided to stick with plants instead of cut flowers (because those don’t last long anyway) and to avoid fruit-bearing trees that wouldn’t typically survive indoors, and because the fake lemons or olives look a little too, well, fake. That still leaves an array of artificial options for getting that natural style — without any of the work.

Nearly Natural 4’ Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Tree

Strat writer David Notis inspired many of you to buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree. This alternative has similar wide, green leaves but will never need watering.

Terrain Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

A sparser option still makes for a powerful visual statement.

Nearly Natural Artificial Rubber Plant in Cylinder

This impressive imitation captures the rubber tree’s two-tone leaves. Show it off in this basket planter.

Nearly Natural Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree, 6.5’

Get vertical with this faux palm tree that towers more than six feet high. I’d stick with a simple planter for this one since the tree makes a statement on its own.

Vickerman 6’ Japanese Maple Executive Tree

Japanese maple trees typically only thrive outdoors and take years to grow. Skip all that with an elegant faux version.

Nearly Natural Cedar Bonsai Decorative Silk Plant 16”

Complete the Zen garden look with this petite silk bonsai.

Terrain Faux Philodendron

Real philodendrons love bright, indirect sunlight. This one understands if you can’t afford an apartment with natural light.

Entrada Artificial Paradise Bird Plant, 9” x 15” x 42”

The bright flowers on this artificial bird of paradise plant add some color without being too over the top.

Urban Outfitters Boston Faux Fern

The faux soil and roots on this fern are so realistic-looking you may be tempted to get out the watering can.

Nearly Natural Sansevieria Plant with Black Planter

Snake plants are definitely trending right now, but they’re so sleek that they’ll never look dated. Which is good because this fake one will last a long time.

Nearly Natural Agave Plant with Black Planter

This bold faux agave is extra cool with a minimal black planter.

Seven Oaks 24” Tall 16” Round Artificial Topiary Ball Boxwood Trees (Set of 2)

Can you imagine all the hard work it would take to maintain the perfectly round shape of these boxwood trees if they were real?

Nearly Natural Spider Hanging Basket Decorative Silk Plant

The details and shading on the leaves of this hanging spider plant make it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Vickerman 26” Silk Mini Ivy Hanging Bush

It’d be very bohemian to dangle these hanging ivy leaves from a macramé planter.

Napa Home and Garden Phalaenopsis 30” Drop-In Silk Plant

If you really want some flowers, these always-in-bloom orchids are highly realistic. They’d look great in a modern planter.

Nearly Natural Peace Lily Artificial Flower with Glossy Glass Planter

Real peace lilies can be poisonous to many pets, so this silk version is a good choice for owners of curious cats and dogs.

Allstate Floral 15.75” Artificial Cactus Garden in Cement Pot

You’re probably thinking it’s impossible to kill a cactus or succulent, but trust me, it can happen. If even these low-maintenance plants are too much for you, this cluster of faux cacti in a cement planter is very Southwestern-chic.

Winlyn Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent Plants with Gray Pots, Set of 5

Decorate your desk with some fake succulents that won’t mind if you take an extra-long weekend.

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The Best-Looking Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers