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The Best Bathrobes for Men on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written before about women’s bathrobes, and guys’ loungewear, including sweatpants, white T-shirts, and crewneck sweatshirts, here we’ve rounded up the best-reviewed bathrobes for men on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best terry-cloth bathrobes

Turkish Towels Original Terry Shawl Turkish Bathrobe

“I wanted a robe but was too indecisive to choose just one. Rather, I chose three of the highest rated on Amazon and compared them to see which would be the best fit. This was the robe I was looking for. Nice, absorbent terry cloth material, exactly what a bathrobe should feel like. Heavy and warm, perfect for after a shower. Super soft and comfortable for lounging. More than I wanted to spend but ultimately satisfied with the purchase.”

TowelSelections Men’s Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe

“We put in a pool and hot tub this year and, as the weather cooled, found that it was a bit chilly when we got out of the warm water on a cool evening. These robes are perfect! We don’t bother with towels, we just pop these on as soon as we get out of the water. The terry is plenty absorbent and soft. The robes keep us toasty warm–so much so that on chilly mornings I use one as a ‘jacket’ when taking the dog out for his first morning walk.”

Best hooded terry-cloth bathrobe

Arus Men’s Hood’n Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

“Hands down, this is my husband’s favorite robe ever (and he has four others hanging in his bathroom closet). He has gone through numerous robes, trying to find one that was long enough in length and had a large hood. He wanted one big enough to wear alone or over normal clothes when he piddles around in the garage. The terry cloth material is soft, durable, and washes beautifully–just gets even softer! Would definitely buy again and recommend to others.”

Best waffle-knit bathrobe

TowelSelections Men’s Kimono Waffle Spa Bathrobe

“This rope is really comfortable and a great buy for something to wear straight out of the shower. The waffle pattern has a great feel to it and provides that extra layer of warmth while picking out clothes for the day. Stitching was a good quality for the price and length is maybe 3 inches below the knee or so. Pockets are also very useful and plenty big for your cell phone. Very happy with my purchase.”

Best cotton bathrobes

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Solid Cotton Robe

“This robe is wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. I own a heavy terry cloth robe, but it’s only good for winter. The other seasons, I need a large, lightweight robe. This does the trick. It’s made out of lightweight pajama fabric. It’s not see-through. The internal tie keeps it closed, even as you move around (without an internal tie, robes tend to shift and come open). I can move around in it just fine. Loving it.”

Nautica Men’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Cotton Woven Robe

“Wore this dapper, even distinguished-looking robe while recovering from surgery. It made me feel much better. It’s got two sets of belt loops, so whether you are high or low-waisted, it fits. Pockets are well-sewn and very strong. I’m six feet tall and the robe came to mid-calf, so it’s nicely proportioned and you don’t have to worry about showing off a lot of leg.”

Best fleece bathrobes

Wanted Men’s Hooded Plush Lounge Spa Robe

“I love this bathrobe! It’s so fluffy and so warm. The hood and the length are perfect. I was afraid to wash it because I thought it would ruin the softness, but it was just like new when it came out of the dryer! (And, that was even drying it on high.) I want to buy another one in black. Really can’t say enough good things, this is my favorite bathrobe I have ever owned.”

John Christian Men’s Hooded Fleece Robe

“My friend had this at his house, and I wanted it as soon as I put it on! Soft, comfy, and warm (but not too warm)–who could ask for more? It’s really well made and fits well. I love the hood when I’m cozying up on the couch! Great pockets and the tie is long enough and well made. Just a great robe.”

Best flannel bathrobes

Latuza Men’s Cotton Flannel Robe

“I love this robe. It is the perfect weight for Colorado summers. The XXL is what I was hoping for, size-wise. The sash is generously long, which I like. If you’re not 6’4” or taller, the sleeves will probably be a bit (or a lot) long, but it is an easy fix to re-hem them (or just roll them up, which is what I do). The fabric is lightweight but sturdy–like a good-quality flannel shirt–and being cotton it is cool and breathable but with just enough heft to fend off the chill on a cooler morning.”

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Flannel Plaid Robe

“This is the best bathrobe I’ve ever owned. It’s light enough to be used most of the year–perhaps a bit too light for those who keep their houses on the cold size. As described, it has an internal tie which keeps the sides in place and the main outside tie is a good length. I was surprised and pleased by how soft it was and my wife likes the way it looks. Given the price, this is a best buy.”

Best silk bathrobe

Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe

“Delighted that it is heavier fabric than I expected. However, being silk, it doesn’t overheat you (I’ve been wearing it all summer, and I get overheated easily). Definitely a fine quality item. Sturdy, well-sewn, even the belt is sturdy. Looks almost embarrassingly good. Has more than ample ‘wrap’ material for a wider man, but doesn’t interfere with movement for me. Length on me a couple of inches below mid-calf. Long enough, but I won’t trip over it. Good for maintaining a little dignity when moving around and not having to worry about unintentionally flashing people. Color is deep and rich. Has been washed twice in gentle cycle with other things, and shows no change in appearance, no shrinkage, no damage or wear, and had no color bleeding”

Best satin bathrobe

Noble Mount Men’s Premium Satin Robe

“I bought this for my husband after reading all of the reviews. It arrived on time an in a beautiful box that was perfect for me to give to him on a romantic weekend getaway. He absolutely loved this robe! He felt it was very luxurious to the touch and it fit him very well. The pockets were where they should have been and the belt fit around his waist. This would be a great gift for the man in your life. It is nice enough though to wear outside the bedroom and is such a classy robe compared to others I have purchased him in the past. I have already washed it once and it held up beautifully on the delicate cycle. I would strongly recommend this robe for anyone who likes the feel and look of luxury.”

Best sweatshirt-style bathrobes

Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Sweatshirt Style Hooded Bathrobe

“I got this robe a month early for my boyfriend’s birthday. I figured he could try it on ahead of time and, if he liked it, I could wrap it and hide it away for another month. It was as he was slipping on the robe for the very first time with a rapturous expression on his face that I knew there was no way I could get it away from him ever again. Ended up having to be an early birthday present. This is soft, light, cozy, and everything he ever wanted. He feels like a Jedi master, boxer, and monk combined and will wear it all the time.”

Regency New York Men’s Cotton Sweatshirt Style Hooded Robe

“I have been looking for a men’s robe that wasn’t cheap nylon fleece for years. This is superior to even my best sweatshirt in fabric, stitching, style and fit. The build feels heavy and durable. The cuffs eliminate that huge floppy robe sleeve feel. The hood is huge and warm. The fabric is absorbent where the fleece robes leave cold water and sweat dripping inside (nasty feeling). Even the belt is double stitched and feels heavy duty. Couldn’t be happier.”

Best big-and-tall bathrobe

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Terry Bathrobe With Pockets

“Soft and absorbent. All aspects are cut generously: chest, shoulders, sleeves, waist, length, etc. However, they are not cut ‘too big.’ This robe is just super comfy. I use it when I get out of our outdoor spa (hot tub), especially when the air temperature is still chilly in the spring. It’s such a luxurious way to dry off and stay warm while doing so.”

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The Best Bathrobes for Men on Amazon, According to Reviewers