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The Best Adult Board Games on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing ones. While we’ve written about the best board games for families, the best holiday party games, and the best board games for kids of every age, we’ve gone deep here on the best board games for families that you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best Overall Adult Board Game


“This game is a blast!!! I played once with friends and after going through all the Meme photos I dug into some wedding pictures I had printed. That was hilarious and a game changer- literally! The second time I played was with a huge group and I stole funny awkward pictures from their Facebook pages before we met. The look on their faces when I pulled out some gems of pictures was almost as fun as meme-ing them!! We’ll definitely be playing again soon!”

Best Adult Board Games for Medium-Sized Groups

Quickwits Party Game

“I just played this for the first time Thanksgiving evening and the five of us that played laughed, snorted, cried, and had a great time. This will be a staple at game nights with adult friends. Do not play this with anyone under 17 because there are many categories that aren’t appropriate, and if your underage player actually knows enough to answer some of them you’ll be seriously wondering where you went wrong raising that child.”

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule (Uncensored)

“I’ve had a blast with this game on various occasions thus far. As the name suggests it is recommended for ages 18 and up because some of the questions are explicit in nature. With that said, they’re still tasteful and have prompted numerous outbursts of laughter with the two separate groups I’ve played with. I will be buying the expansion pack next because we’ve already went through all of the original cards in a short amount of time”

Disturbed Friends

“Easily the WORST (and I mean that in a good way … ) game I’ve ever played. Lots of super twisted questions, and I played this with close friends. Hubby and I are both Army veterans and most of the people we played with have similar life experience. Cannot remember the last time I played a game that literally made me want to roll on the floor laughing! Highly, highly, highly recommend, but don’t send me the bills if you need a shrink after this adventure!”

Bad People - The Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play

“Great for groups of friends; this would be weird for a bunch of people who don’t know each other very well. I suggest you allow each other to explain yourselves and tell stories — it enhances a gathering for sure, great for bonding in a mischievous way!”

Adult Loaded Questions

“Fun game, but make sure to play it with people you know won’t get offended if the answers get a little raunchy. At first, it seems tamer than other games (such as Cards Against Humanity), but because the questions are open-ended, there’s greater potential for things to get very raunchy — depending on who’s playing. My husband and I played it with my siblings and their spouses, and, well … things got a little crazy! Never laughed so hard in my life, though!”

Joking Hazard Game

“Joking Hazard is absolutely hilarious. I often play with some more sensitive players, so I wondered exactly how obscene the game really is. About 20-25 cards contain swear words or obscenities that can be censored with a sharpie while still making sense. There are about 50-60 cards that are particularly obscene/objectionable/inappropriate/offensive that cannot be censored and still remain playable. If you’re looking for a ‘cleaner’ version of the game, just remove these 50-60 particularly obscene cards and you’re good to go. There are still around 250 cards remaining after the filtering/censoring, so the game is still completely playable without the obscenities, and is still absolutely hilarious. One of the best games I’ve bought in a long time, and will probably become my favorite.”

Best Adult Board Games for Large Groups

The Voting Game

“Just played this last night and it was awesome. We opted to use the rule where you aren’t anonymous and it was hilarious. Betrayal everywhere! 10/10, will play again.”


“Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is not just a game to bring to a party. It is the life of the party! Each card is perfect for someone in the group, and you get to hear your friends tell hilarious stories as they battle to be the one not to keep the card. But the best part about playing this game is the personal element that it adds to game night, which is unlike any other game I have played. Everyone is engaged as they think about the different people sitting around them and, better yet, creatively defend themselves from racking up too many cards that might strike a little too close to home.”

Pick Your Poison: NSFW Edition

“This game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity but I think it may even be better for larger groups. I’ve been on a hunt for more games that can handle ten-plus people or utilize teams. With CAH we have noticed if you have a larger group (more than ten) it can become unmanageable because rounds take a while (especially with booze) and people get bored waiting for their turn to be judge. Sometimes I’ve noticed that people will start to tune out if their cards aren’t getting picked or if some judges aren’t picking the funnier cards (humor is relative).

“This game adds another layer of interaction after the judge reveals the winning card each round — the entire group must answer the horrible question. This extra layer of humor by answering the question kept our group more engaged when people don’t have the same humor or ick factors. We did a game of 12 last night with this game and everyone was engaged the entire time. I’d say the NSFW edition is just that. It’s a lot of body parts, sexual taboos, and bodily fluids, but both decks are fun.”

Never Have I Ever

“Okay, here’s the deal. After reading all these reviews about how inappropriate and over the top this game is in terms of inappropriateness, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP, PEOPLE! This game is absolutely perfect for a group of friends who have known one another for a long time. We played this at my annual adults-only Christmas party with friends from HS and college (I just turned 40) to give you an idea of our age range, and had a blast. This game may not be the best for a group that is new to each other or to use as an icebreaker.”

Best Drawing-Based Adult Board Games

Telestrations After Dark

“This game is awesome and hilarious. It has provided hours of fun at parties I’ve gone to and people always ask why this isn’t as well known as Cards Against Humanity, which would be a comparable game. This is the adult version so it could definitely get awkward if you are with family and don’t want to see your mom drawing a giant penis, but it’s super fun to play regardless. Definitely not for kids as they wouldn’t get some of the references and it would be inappropriate. If you’re looking for an equally fun game like this for kids they have a family version that is not the “after dark” version. Definitely recommend!”

Drawing Without Dignity

“This game will have you in tears, you’ll be laughing so hard. Play it with your artistic friends, and marvel at the attention to detail. Play it with your more uptight friends, and be amused by what they think something means. Play it with your family, and never look at them the same way (and vice versa). 10/10, would horrify my mom again.”

Best Adult Board Games for Couples

The Discovery Game: For a Married Couple

“This game is really fun! My husband and I are both looking forward to playing it again! I can definitely see how it would be a perfect game to help couples who are struggling to get to know each other better and work through their problems. The questions that the game brings up are so perfect for that. But it is also a FUN GAME, if you enjoy board games. The questions can either go really deep or be pretty light-hearted, it all depends on how you choose to answer. You also have the option to pass on a question if it is too sensitive at the time or something.

“This is absolutely a wonderful game, whether your marriage is great, not great, or you feel you just want a little extra spice for the relationship. It is not a ‘sex game,’ and it is not just a marriage-in-trouble game. But if you let it, it WILL improve your relationship, and you WILL have a great date night playing it :)”

Date Night Box Set

“My wife and I had a kid-free weekend away. It was a two-hour drive to our destination and this game was a GREAT traveling companion. The ‘FLIRT’ and ‘TALK’ cards really spark some great conversation and discussions. The ‘DAREs’ are not easy to pull off in the car — however, if you save them for once you arrive at your destination … I’ll leave that open to your interpretation.”

Our Moments Couples: Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

“The ‘Our Moments Couples’ deck is so much fun! My husband and I were driving for over five hours to our last vacation, and instead of just listening to the radio, we started some very deep conversation using those cards. We’ve been married for so many years now and there were questions there that we’ve never asked — which made the conversation so interesting and fun.

“If you are looking for new ways to find your way back to each other and strengthen you relationship while having some fun along the way, I highly recommend this product.”

Couples TableTopics

“Loved it! This is completely the type of questions you should ask. The questions are slightly risqué, sexy, sweet, and insightful. As someone else pointed out, these are great questions to establish even more intimacy in a relationship that is already strong or that wants to be strengthened. My boyfriend and I enjoyed reading a few cards at a time. It’s simply too much fun. And we really do love learning about each other.”

Love Hacks

“I bought these cards to put a little spice in my marriage. I have been married for 16 years and with work and three teenage kids it can be hard to find alone time with your significant other. This was my first time playing this type of card game. I could tell right from the start that my partner and I would be happy with it. These cards make you open up and talk to your significant other and help you grow closer together. I particularly liked the appreciation card, recounting what we appreciate about each other brought us closer. The cards are an awesome idea and I definitely recommend them.”

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The Best Adult Board Games on Amazon, According to Reviewers