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The Best Candles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about the best fancy candle that’s not obscenely expensive, the candles that famous people really enjoy, plus the best holiday candle (which the reviewers on this list loved, too), the gift season wouldn’t be complete without a scouring of the best candles on Amazon, for every type of occasion and recipient. Sure, when you’re stumped on gift ideas, candles might seem like the most uninspired and impersonal option you could choose (one surely doomed for the white-elephant list), but these superfan testimonials might convince you otherwise. Below, a selection of the best conversation-starting, decorative, and divinely scented candles you can buy on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

The Holiday Candle That Smells Most Like a Christmas Tree

4.5 stars, 306 reviews

“Smells like a Christmas tree is in the house. Fresh, clean, and wonderful. I love the smell so much that I go through them about every three weeks with daily use, approximately five hours a day.”

[Editor’s note: Writer Jillian Mapes also considers this the most giftable candle at holiday times: “I know a fancy candle seems like the least personal gift imaginable, but this one is just that lovely — heavily scented so you don’t have to burn it all night, but not overpoweringly so, owing to its complexity of scents (pine candles can be truly cloying). I will weep if they ever stop making this candle.”]

Thymes Frasier Fir Candle

The Longest-Lasting Holiday Candle

Nest Holiday Classic Candle
$40 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 203 reviews

“A wonderful scent! I cannot say enough good things about this candle. It burns slow and steady; I’ve lit it now several nights in a row, and it’s barely made a dent in the candle. I believe longevity will be good. Scent is wonderful, smells just like the holidays, and is not overpowering. Have received compliments from friends who’ve stopped by when I have it burning.”

The Best Candle to Fill Large Spaces

Lafco New York House & Home Candle
$65 at Amazon

4 stars, 346 reviews

“This was my first Lafco candle and it will most definitely not be my last. I am honestly obsessed with candles and have found that the more expensive ones are worth it both in fragrance and burn time. I would recommend this candle to anyone that’s looking for a candle that burns well, lasts a long time, looks great while it’s burning (and even while it’s not, thanks to the beautiful blue container), and fills a large space with a gorgeous fragrance. I live in a pretty good-size apartment, and our kitchen, living room, and dining room are all one really big space with 12-foot ceilings, and this candle easily fills the entire space with it’s scent. As another reviewer said (which really made me laugh once I got the candle and realized I did the EXACT same thing), when I come home and am walking up the stairs, I can smell the candle and immediately ask my roommate, ‘How long has the Lafco been burning?!?!’ Not because it doesn’t last long, but because I want to enjoy every minute that candle is burning!”

The Best Crowd-pleasing Candle Under $10

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Soy Candle
$12 at Amazon

4 stars, 950 reviews

“All candles are not created equal. Putting the clean, relaxing scent of all Meyer’s Candles aside, let’s talk about economics. This is a candle in a jar about the size of normal jar of jam (preserves, jelly, whatever), maybe a little larger, and somehow outlasts other cheaper-quality candles I have bought that were four or five times as large. Every night, I turn off most of the lights in the house and hang out with a candle lit before bed — reading, relaxing, watching TV — and one of these candles will last a couple weeks using this for three to four hours every night (maybe even longer). The scent is more pleasant than most other candles, too. It’s a great buy.”

The Best Floral-Scented Candle (That’s Pretty Enough to Leave Out on Your Vanity)

Diptyque Baies Candle
$60 at Amazon

4 stars, 118 reviews

“These candles do cost a pretty penny, but they really do offer such a unique combination of fragrance and are quite long-lasting and potent. I always get compliments and inquiries into the candles when they are lit in my home. This candle is a great choice for spring and summer, as it’s a nice, mild rose, black-currant scent. Oftentimes, people refer to it as a ‘starter’ scent from Diptyque. Plus, when it burns down, you have a lovely little jar for your makeup brushes, pens, or what have you!”

The Best Fresh, Outdoorsy Candle

Aspen Bay Capri Blue Volcano Candle
$26 at Amazon

4 stars, 786 reviews

“This. Smell. Each time I walk into a room with this candle lit, my mouth waters. IT has a very pleasant scent that’s not overpowering — almost like a mix of waterfalls and spring with a hint of fruit. I was a bit hesitant at first to fork over this amount of money for a candle. However, for the amount of compliments I receive and the warm feeling I get when this candle is burning … it’s worth it!”

The Best Essential Oil–Based Candle

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief
$20 at Amazon

4.2 stars, 600 reviews

“These candles are great and really are stress-relieving. Something about the smell of eucalyptus or spearmint that makes a body release tension and relax. They last quite a while, I’ve used it for about an hour every day for 30 days. I still have a little bit left. I’ve also bought other brands of these, but this brand, specifically, lasts long and actually seems to work. It works in large living rooms, so that’s another plus.”

The Best Candle Gift Set

Anjou Scented Candle Gift Set
$17 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 107 reviews

“Another Christmas gift that was well-thought-out. Candles you cannot really go wrong with. These are a great size and are packaged nicely — they look great. They also smell really nice — not too potent but also not too light, so you can barely smell anything. I hate when that happens. I also hate candles that stink up the room, especially if it’s a smell I don’t like. UGH, to escape it is so hard. Plus, they make so many scents into candles, and NOT everything is a good scent. These four are great, though!”

The Best Unscented Candles for Entertaining

Root Unscented Collenette Candles
$36 at Amazon

4.6 stars, 165 reviews

“I originally got these as a gift and have since bought more boxes for myself. These burn longer than any other candle I have tried, even pure beeswax tapers. The thicker shape and the texture make for more presence in the holder and on the table. Regular tapers now look ‘weak’ by comparison. The flame is bright and substantial (I wish I had had these during Hurricane Sandy). I’ve had guests ask me about these candles, as they seem so much better than the usual. Of course, I wish they were cheaper, but that’s life.”

The Best Conversation-Starting Candle

PyroPet Dyri Candle
$40 at Amazon

4.6 stars, 167 reviews

“The first thing you will notice about these candles is the exceptional packaging: They arrived in pristine condition. The second thing you will notice is the quality wax used in these candles. Clean smelling and burning. Third, the candle melts just like the pictures! Super cool and great conversational piece. My only regret is not buying the dish they sell with the candles, as it would have helped the candle shape melt even more smoothly. This is such a cool concept and has provided me with multiple gift ideas for my friends. I will continue to order these.”

The Best Odor-Squelching Candle for Pet Owners

Pet Odor Exterminator Creamy Vanilla Candle
$11 at Amazon

4.2 stars, 425 reviews

“Unsurprisingly for the name, the smell is pretty sugary sweet, but it does the job as well as anything else I’ve tried. I’m realistic enough to know that nothing can 100 percent handle the garlic-eating, sickly old horse masquerading as a playful little kitten that has been destroying our litter boxes; but this is now part of my first line of defense.”

The Best Gag-Gift Candle

Smell My Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle
$12 at Amazon

4.3 stars, 1,556 reviews

“This is THE BEST candle company out there! The smells are fantastic, the price is right, and the candle is long-lasting. Plus, you get a Mason jar if that be your fancy! I first found these candles in a little store in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and bought five! I love them all, but my favorites are the Blueberry and the Smell My Nuts — LOL! I have pets, and though I keep a tidy house, I like having scented candles around for guest and holidays. BUY THE CANDLES!!!! YOU WILL LOVE THEM!”

The Best LED, Flameless Candles for People Who Like to Set a Scene

4.3 stars, 1,864 reviews

“This set is amazing. You get a total of nine LED candles that look so real, it is hard to tell they are not unless you look at the wick. They are made of real wax, so when you have them on display they look real. You get nine candles in this set between four and nine inches. They are perfect to group together in one stunning display or to break apart into smaller groupings. They are super easy to use, as once you turn them on and place them in the display you want, you do not have to pick them up again until you need to change a battery. You can control these candles completely with the included mini–remote control.

What I like is, you can set the remote, as it has a 24-hour cycle on them, to turn on at a specific time of the day, after which, you can choose how long they are on before they shut off. You can also choose the level of light you want the candles to have, as there is a range of brightness from dim to bright that you can use. The glow of the wick is a realistic orange-yellow in color, and switch between a solid light to a flickering light like a real candle will make. Of course with LED candles, there is no worry or concern of fire, burns, or accidentally spilling hot wax, so they are safe to use anywhere you like.”

Comenzar Flameless Candles Set

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The Best Candles, According to Amazon Reviewers