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The Best Electric Griddles and Indoor Grills on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about slow cookers, toasters and toaster ovens, kitchen knife sets, frying pans and skillets, cookware sets, and even asked chefs about their favorite pots and pans, here we’re rounding up the best electric griddles and indoor grills you can find on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best nonstick electric griddle

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

4.6 stars, 1,845 reviews

“We’ve never owned a griddle before, but I decided to buy one for my husband who makes us eggs and bacon or pancakes at least twice a week. We’re a family of six, and he always had so many pans going on the stove at once that I thought this might be a good idea. I LOVE that it can come apart and go into the dishwasher. I also love that it fits into my cabinet once it’s apart. It works very well, we’ve made a dozen meals on it so far, and they’ve all been amazing, thanks in part to the griddle — mostly because my husband rocks. He says he loves it too! Just what we needed.”

Best nonstick electric griddle with warming tray

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle with Warming Tray & Drip Tray, GD2051B

4.3 stars, 1,012 reviews

“This is a great tabletop griddle that makes quick work of many things. We tried, pancakes, sandwiches, quesadillas, eggs, and more. It heats up quickly, has a large surface that held plenty for our family of four, and cleans up easily. It has a little warming tray that may be good for sausages, but it’s a bit small for pancakes. It also has a drip tray to catch the runoff of grease or oils. These are plastic and easy to clean as well. It is very economical and great for when you need extra space on your stove top. I just store it in the pantry. Highly recommend!”

Best electric griddle for $25

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

4.6 stars, 1,003 reviews

“Love, love, love this size griddle. Use regularly — for bacon, hamburgers, grilled cheese, Reubens, pancakes, eggs, etc. If you are single, or a couple or just have a small family, this is the perfect size! Doesn’t take up all that room in the cabinet and holds four hamburgers or three big pancakes perfectly. Heats evenly, and the drip pan on the side catches the bacon grease. This is my second one, [though I’m] still using the first one after eight or nine years. Bought this as a backup, that’s how much I love this brand and size!”

Best ceramic electric griddle with warming tray

Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray, Black/Crème

4.0 stars, 529 reviews

“This is a fantastic griddle! Nothing sticks and the coating seems to be much better than the black Teflon-coated sort we’ve had before. I love the little warming plate so that we all can have warm pancakes and still eat together. (We are a family of three so we don’t need a ton of room though.) It’s pretty handy. Also, I love that it has a raised edge to keep things from spilling off. It has easy clean up, and I’m very glad we went ceramic this time.”

Best ceramic electric grill-slash-griddle

Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle, Black

4.0 stars, 360 reviews

“We cooked breakfast yesterday morning and dinner last night on this new griddle/grill and were duly impressed. First off, it’s built quite well. Pretty darn sturdy. The griddle/grill (reversible) is ceramic and therefore naturally non-stick and conducts heat evenly and well. We made pancakes, and for the first time in my memory we didn’t have to throw away the first two. Then we did eggs and bacon, and I didn’t detect hot spots or overheating. All in all, a well-cooked breakfast, and the clean-up was a snap. … It’s generously sized so I can cook four steaks at once … and as I mentioned earlier no hot spots so the steaks grilled evenly across the board and came off with that grilled flavor you look for. I’m very impressed with this unit from Oyster, and I think if longevity is included it’s a heck of a deal.”

Best stainless-steel indoor grill

Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill

4.6 stars, 1,035 reviews

“I LOVE this grill. I live in a small apartment with no patio/outdoor space, and this is the perfect fix for that. The cooking surface is large enough for a couple of steaks or four to six hamburgers. Several have mentioned issues with the non-stick surface, but if you brush it down with a little oil before cooking, there’s no problem with meat sticking. The drip pan is easily removable and easy to clean (as are the grill plate and lid). Before my first use, I was worried about smoking up the apartment, but there was NO problem at all! I would probably recommend that you use this on the stove top so that you can vent it, but really there was no issue with smoke. I’ve cooked steaks, hamburgers, kebabs, seafood, and all kinds of grilled vegetables on this grill and it tastes just as good as what you get on a gas grill outdoors. I am so glad that I purchased this grill!”

Best large indoor grill with automated cooking programs

T-fal GC722D53 1800W OptiGrill XL

4.1 stars, 1,735 reviews

“If I could give this grill six stars, I would have done so! This grill is foolproof! I’ve already cooked lobster tail, bacon, filet mignon, New York strip steaks, and pork chops without one bad result yet! I’m still not sure how it ‘knows’ how thick an item is that is cooking, or when to alert you when the item has completed cooking! I love cooking with this grill! … A great feature is how you can cook frozen meats with the same great results by simply pressing the snowflake button, too, as you program the grill as usual. Clean up is so easy! The metal plates come free in an instant, pop in the dishwasher, and click right back on again. Likewise, the drainage dish for excess fat drainage for once really fits perfectly compared to other grills, and there is simply no spillage. Sure, the grill is a bit costly, but you do get what you pay for. I bought the larger grill so I could have more programming features for bacon, which the smaller model does not offer.”

Best indoor grill with glass lid

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

4.0 stars, 1,593 reviews

“I got this grill about a week ago and I love it. First of all the cooking area is BIG and wonderful so that you can really cook. I also love how you can adjust the heat setting depending on what you are cooking … I also love how the fat drips down immediately into the tray. … I also like the lid that keeps the food from drying out while cooking and warm before it is served. I will admit it is not as fast as [my old grill] but honestly the quality of food I cook is so much better because it has been cooked right and not just fast. This grill, in my opinion, is much more similar to cooking on an outside grill, and the taste is better for it. I highly recommend this product over its competition, there is no comparison!”

Best Japanese indoor electric grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

4.4 stars, 471 reviews

“This grill is perfect to re-create the Japanese BBQ experience at home. Most Japanese markets will sell you marinated meat that you can simply throw on this grill with a few vegetables. Better yet, prepare your own marinades and meats. It heats up in no time and puts the fun of cooking in your guests’ hands, allowing them to cook their food at the desired crispness. Cleaning the grill is a breeze. It has a pan to catch grease that is easy to remove and clean. The grill is non-stick so cooking residue can simply be wiped away without heavy scrubbing. This product is ideal for Yakitori cooking too.”

Best electric grill for hotpot and stews

Aroma Housewares ASP-137 3-Quart/10-inch 3-in-1 Super Pot with Grill Plate, White/Black

4.5 stars, 1,121 reviews

“Ever since I purchased this, my husband has asked me to make hotpot almost every Sunday. The pot is large enough to feed four to five people when making hotpot. The water boils quickly so there’s no need to wait long before adding your meat and vegetable, and when you do the temperature heats up fast again. I’ve used it for grilling meat and it does a great job with this too. The temperature is easily adjustable so you can control the heat. The white bottom tray can be removed from the grill plate for cleaning and I usually just place it in my dishwasher. I’ve recommended it to a few people already.”

Best George Foreman grill

George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill, Black

4.1 stars, 1,127 reviews

“I use my grill nearly every day! Cleanup is a breeze; if you put a wet paper towel inside during cool down, any extra sticky bits will wipe off really quickly. I can make all of dinner (protein, veggies, roots) on this appliance, so less cleanup! The waffle iron works great as well — just have to be very careful about overfilling the plate, as the batter will easily leak if there is too much.”

Best electric grill-slash-griddle with five adjustable settings

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials

4.4 stars, 7,003 reviews

“I love it and I have been thrilled with the results every time I cook! I live in an apartment and only cook for myself, I haven’t used the stove since I received the griddler. I have prepared 1-inch steaks to perfection, chicken, and even pancakes with delicious results. The temperature control allows me to time how long to leave the food on the griddler without burning or guessing. The sear function provides a beautiful grill sear that competes with even the best steak houses. The adjustable height allows me to set the top grill just on top of the food without squishing out all of the juice leaving me with great tasting and juicy burgers. I also like how the top ‘floats’ on the food so it cooks the top evenly. When you flip the grill grate to the other side you have a nice griddle that works perfect for pancakes, eggs, and fish.”

Best electric raclette grill

Swissmar KF-77041 Classic 8-Person Raclette with Reversible Cast Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Plate/Crepe Top, Black

4.5 stars, 467 reviews

“We are great fondue lovers, so adding a raclette party grill to the kitchenware seemed to make sense. But how much more versatile is the raclette grill over the fondue pot? Yes, you can make classic Swiss raclette with melted cheese, potatoes, and pickled onions. But you can also grill a bit of ham, some asparagus, and a touch of Parmesan for a nice hot lunch or grill any small-ish thing while melting some cheese for snacks, breakfast, lunch. We are keeping it on the counter all the time, instead of hauling it out for a party.”

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The Best Electric Griddles and Indoor Grills on Amazon