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The Best Electric Kettles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

While we’ve written before about the most stylish electric kettle and the best teapots, including a glass Japanese teapot, we’ve gone deep here on the best electric kettles you can find on Amazon as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers.

Best-rated electric kettle

Secura the Original Stainless-Steel Double-Wall Electric Water Kettle

“I have searched far and wide over the years for the Holy Grail of electric kettles: a 100 percent all-stainless-steel interior,” writes one reviewer in a lengthy opus about this electric water kettle from Secura. This excitement at the Secura’s lack of plastic is repeated throughout the ratings: “I always wanted to get one with insides being all metal; however, I could never find one. Until now, that is. This kettle has it! Finally. Somebody figured it out. Or, should I say, cared enough to design what a lot of people are looking for. I REALLY do not want any plastic parts being in contact with boiling water that my family will be drinking. All stainless steel inside — one big fat plus!”

But even among reviewers for whom the plastic-free design is less important or a nonissue, this electric kettle gets top marks for ease of use. “I can’t find anything not to like! It’s great to be able to pick up a pot of boiling water and have the exterior be cool to the touch,” writes one satisfied reviewer. “It does NOT drip down the sides, easy pour. No over-spill from spout. It heats water quickly and efficiently. It is easy to fill, either on the counter or at the sink. I would buy this again in an instant!”

Best-rated (less expensive) electric tea kettle

Hamilton Beach K2070Y Proctor-Silex 1L Electric Kettle

The cheapest of the bunch, this Hamilton Beach model has a lot of fans who are happy with its speed. One reviewer writes, “I use this a dozen times a day at least. If I am going to be making, say, some pasta on the stove, I’ll often start the water off in this kettle and then transfer to a pan on the stove, just to get a head start on the meal … I consider this one of my best purchases of all times and recommend it to anyone and everyone.” Another adds that this kettle is great for the office: “I keep it on my desk, on a larger-sized cup holder. I fill it once in the morning and plug it in when I am ready to make my tea. It doesn’t take too long to heat up. Maybe a minute or two. Meanwhile, I can have my cup and the tea bag ready, and BOOM, hot tea. … However, there are many other uses for this at work too. A quick cup of hot oatmeal, hot cocoa, even ramen soup. I joked with my mom that if anyone at the office went into labor, I would be prepared with the hot water.”

And now some micro-picks for every type of electric kettle you might be looking for.

Best stainless-steel electric kettle

AmazonBasics 1L Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle

“This kettle hits the sweet spot in the categories of value, size, functionality, and appearance,” writes one reviewer. Several others note the convenience of the shutoff feature: “It has saved me the problem of worrying about whether I remembered to turn the stove off in the mornings when I leave for work.” Even more are fans of the kettle’s small footprint. “It takes up only a small space on the counter and heats the water up very fast. The 2-foot cord wraps in a coil and is hidden in the bottom so you pull out only the length you need — no long cords on the countertop anymore. It is lightweight and pours easily with no spilling or dripping. It also looks very handsome and appears to be more expensive than it is.”

Larger stainless-steel electric kettle

Brentwood KT-1780 1.5L Stainless-Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

“I love this kettle so much,” writes one reviewer, “I have 3 for myself and have purchased 2 more for family. I’ve never had an electric kettle and never knew that one would make my life so much better! This is a VERY highly recommended product by me.” Many reviewers cited the added functionality of the cordless kettle design as a bonus. One writes, “Easy to fill and easy to pour boiling water from it without a spill. The cord is attached to the base and the pot lifts off the base to pour, so the cord never gets in the way.” Another adds, “You sit the kettle on top of the hot plate to heat your water, so there is absolutely ZERO exposure of your water to any plastics or heating element at all. The only plastic is the lid.”

Fastest electric kettle

Hamilton Beach 40998 1L Electric Kettle, Silver

“Super fast” is a phrase used by dozens of reviewers to describe this kettle from Hamilton Beach. “Fan-fricken-tastic! I love this electric kettle. It’s super fast, and super hot,” writes one satisfied customer, adding, “A bit noisy, but super quick.” Many also comment on the relatively small capacity, which is appreciated by those heating up water for one person at a time. “I really needed a small water boiler mostly for making tea and hot chocolate,” writes one college student. “So something small, not to take too much space, and preferably fast was needed. Since I live in dorms and I am not all the time in the room, I couldn’t go with something super cheap and neglect the safety aspect, but at the same time my budget is a bit limited since I am still a student. This water boiler was the perfect solution for me since it took into consideration all my concerns. I very much trust the brand, the price is affordable, and it is small and fast!”

Best glass electric kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle

With a body made of high-quality, scratch-resistant borosilicate glass, this minimalist electric kettle has earned many raves for its looks. One reviewer explains, “My Manhattan kitchen is open and visible to the living room. Thus, aesthetics as well as durability and ease of use are important. To me, glass presented the most most attractive appearance. I searched online for weeks, reading reviews and looking at scores of kettles, finally settling on the Cosori.” Many users cite their fondness for the LED indicator. As one notes, “We love the clean glass look and the blue light around the rim as it heats up.” Another reviewer thinks it’s good enough to gift: “I drink a lot of tea, and this is way better than heating water up on the stove or waiting for water to boil in the microwave. Not to mention it’s much, much faster. I liked this so much I purchased a couple for gifts and paired it with some nice teas for my friends.”

Best ceramic electric kettle

BELLA 1.2L Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

Reviewers frequently point out the durability of this model, one of the few electric kettles out there with a full-bodied ceramic structure and patterned décor: “Having used this kettle for 5 months straight, I have had no issues. It continues to work flawlessly. The design (blue color) has not faded or chipped off. It can be a little tricky to clean, especially at spout and small drain holes, but luckily having a water softener makes this an infrequent need. A little baking soda and vinegar will do the trick.” Another reviewer writes, “I did a lot of research on electric kettles before buying this one. My family has a metal one, but it makes the water taste weird. The glass ones seem too fragile and I’d be afraid to use it, so I settled on a ceramic one! I love this kettle so much, it doesn’t make the water taste weird, it’s so stylish, and it’s very sturdy. Most days I just use it to heat up one cup of tea for myself, and it heats up the water super fast, about a minute. If I have guests over, they’re so impressed that it heats up 4-5 cups of water very quickly.”

Best electric kettle for pour-over coffee

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

We’ve written about the beauty and grace of the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle before, and despite the higher price point, it keeps getting great reviews. One user writes, “It was ludicrously spendy for me but so beautiful. Nothing else on the market comes close. And given the repeated heat waves in the Northeast this summer, I wanted a kettle that could heat my water for coffee without adding heat to the house.” Another happy reviewer adds, “I am so happy I purchased this amazing kettle! It is of high quality and craftsmanship! It is easy to use and has the best pour imaginable! The spout does not drip, and the amount of water that comes out during a pour is perfect! The design is well thought out and looks lovely on the kitchen counter! The kettle itself and the handle are perfectly counterbalanced. I wish I purchased this kettle a lot sooner!”

Best (less expensive) electric kettle for pour-over coffee

OXO BREW Adjustable-Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

“This unit basically perfects anything you could want from an adjustable-temperature kettle,” writes one satisfied reviewer of this pour-over kettle from OXO. “First, it is quite attractive, unlike nearly every other competing product. It has a minimalist interface that works beautifully. The gooseneck is tuned so you don’t get water pouring too fast like most other units. And the best feature? If you return the kettle to the base within 60 seconds, it automatically holds the temp at the last temp selected, no button presses necessary.” Many serious coffee drinkers remark on the performance of this kettle in making pour-over coffee as well as AeroPress and French press: “This is a fantastic kettle. Heats 1 liter of water to 200+ degrees in less than the time it takes to weigh and grind my coffee and keeps the set temperature for 30 minutes. Comfortable handle and good control of pouring into the dripper.”

Best retro-style electric tea kettle

KitchenAid 1.25L Electric Kettle

Dozens of reviewers rave about this kettle’s “great look,” which is especially at home in vintage-inspired kitchens. “This tea kettle is perfect! Right size, heats water quickly and quietly, stainless steel with removable filter, and a timeless design. Fits my retro 1940 kitchen perfectly,” writes one reviewer enamored with the style of this KitchenAid model. “It’s a good size to hold plenty of water with a small footprint, too. And as with all KitchenAid appliances, I’m sure it will be bulletproof.” Another 5-star reviewer sums up this manually operated kettle’s appeal simply: “Uhh, seriously this is one of the cutest, awesome working, easy kettles I’ve ever had, hands down my absolute fav of all time — and I’m nearly 50.”

Best retro-style electric tea kettle with built-in thermometer

Russell Hobbs KE5550CRR Retro-Style Electric Kettle

“I get a lot of compliments on the vintage and kind of coffee-shop industrial look of this kettle,” says one reviewer, who’s not alone in receiving comments from guests about this Russell Hobbs kettle’s retro design. “But beyond that, I love the easy-to-read temperature gauge and the see-through water level reader.” Another reviewer, who owns a collection of more than 40 vintage coffee pots, was drawn to the design as well and loves the added functionality of the temperature gauge: “We use the fast heat option (less water) quite frequently for one or two cups. The temp gauge on the front allows you to pull it off the base a bit early if boiling is not your goal. The lid knob looks very much like a glass percolator when on the counter. I get a TON of comments on it. Don’t hesitate. If you are drawn to this vintage look, it should be yours!”

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The Best Electric Kettles on Amazon, According to Reviewers