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The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. While we’ve covered Rio’s favorite cleansers, a certain natural face wash that’s ideal for fighting acne, a pricey yet soothing oat face wash for sensitive skin, best washcloths for your face, and the best face washes on Amazon, here we’re going deep on the best facial cleansing brushes, according to the people. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best rechargeable facial cleansing brushes

Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush

“This brush is an absolutely godsend. If I knew how good a mechanical face brush would be I would have bought one YEARS ago. My pores are so clear and my face is so smooth it’s like it has taken years off my face. Definitely recommend and for the price I will be gifting this item to friends and family.”

MiroPure Sonic Rechargeable Facial Brush

“So far I love this facial brush! I have used it for almost a month every day, sometimes twice a day. I have sensitive skin and have no problems using this to wash my face. The fine brush head does an amazing job exfoliating my face. The two other brush heads do a great job getting all the makeup off my face and cleansing it well. Definitely would recommend and I will continue to use it!”

Okachi Gliya Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

“Before I owned this scrubber I used those little ‘exfoliating puffs,’ and this electric scrubber does worlds better! It gets rid of almost all my blackheads and makes my complexion noticeably cleaner looking. It does not irritate my skin even on the high speed, whereas the exfoliating puffs would leave my skin red and irritated. It it’s waterproof and charges quickly, overall would 100% recommend to anyone.”

MiroPure Sonic Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

“This has totally saved my life! I had a baby two years ago and my skin has never been the same. I’m in a wedding in a couple weeks and was desperate to get the little pimples all over my face to go away. I’ve never had acne like this before, so I figured I would try after previously having a Clarisonic that died. It has truely been a life saver! In less than a week my pimples are drying up and my skin is less flaky than it used to be. I’m so glad I got this at a fraction of the price with as great of results as with my Clarisonic!”

MiroPure Electric Vibrating Sonic Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

“This brush has helped immensely to clean out my pores and shrink their size. I have used both heads, both work great (I prefer the smaller one), and having three speeds and oscilating mode make it usable for any skin type or preference. I use it at the end of my shower with an oil-free wash. The timer on the brush makes it easy so I do not have to count down. After, I easily detach the brush head and can rinse it off on its own. I love using a facial toner after the brush to make sure my newly-cleaned out pores are left hydrated and pure, and does not allow dirt and oil to seep back in. Great purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a rotating brush head.”

Olay ProX Facial Cleaning Brush

“I think this product is GREAT for the price! I use it about two to three times a week. The battery life is good. I bought my brush in September and it’s almost February and still going strong. I’ve found if you cleanse the brush head once every week or two (your preference) then you don’t need to replace the brush head as often as it instructs. My brush head still looks brand new and feels the same as when I purchased it and I haven’t replaced mine yet. I wash and cleanse it once a week. It leaves my face feeling clean and will remove any leftover makeup. Would purchase again as a gift!”

Best silicone facial cleansing brushes

MINTSonic Facial Cleansing Brush

“I chose this over another more expensive brand because it had more speeds, larger cleaning surface and was I love the color! If you’re thinking about making the purchase, just do it! You will love it. I use my Clarisonic twice a week and this will be used daily. It’s gentle enough, yet super effective. My skin feels smooth, refreshed and glows after using it. What I love most is that there’s no need to replace brush heads at all! And silicone is much more hygienic than nylon brushes. Get it. You won’t be disappointed at all. Probably my favorite purchases for skin care essentials to date! If you have skin, you NEED THIS!!!”

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush

“I really regretted this purchase at first, seemed like it was just a vibrator, the shape was weird considering the angles of a face, the two different sides felt the same. BUT THEN … I dried my face with a white towel and there was not a speck of makeup left on the towel and I didn’t have a drop of mascara raccoon eye look left on my face. This is the cleanest my face has ever been. I will keep using it.”

SUNMAY Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

“For the price, this device does so many things right: it’s multipurpose (with massager and scrubber surfaces), it’s a great shape for those under-eye areas, it’s conveniently rechargeable via USB, waterproof for shower use, compact, easy to clean (no replacement heads required)… and it’s very effective! I use this with my Truskin Vitamin C skin cleanser and I’m starting to notice an improvement with those typically larger pore areas (like the nose and to either side) and fine lines. I actually bought this for use as part of my derma-rolling (0.25mm) routine, but I’m happy with the effect it has had on the non-rolled areas of my face too. It’s been less than a month, and I feel like this had made a difference to my complexion — I plan to buy one as a gift the next chance I get.”

Best manual facial cleansing brushes

Skylab The Perfect Face Brush

“I went through three Clarisonics and they did not do what this brush does. I have patches of dry scaly skin on my chin, around my nose, both cheeks and forehead. It gently scrubbed the dry skin away. I can’t say enough good things about the brush. Throw your Clarisonics away or just wait until they stop working. All three of mine worked for less than a year. My skin is smoother, brighter and cleaner. My pores are definitely less clogged. My skin takes product better now as well.”

TI Style 2-in-1 Face Brush for Cleansing and Exfoliating

“Super soft bristles on one end and a gentle exfoliator on the other! I use this every other day along with my Japanese face wash and it leaves my skin incredibly soft and clean. I was truthfully surprised to see how much makeup is still left on my skin even after removing it all with makeup remover wipes. Definitely pays to wash your face with this. I love that it’s gentle enough for daily use and that the brush is small enough to store anywhere. Definitely recommend it.”

Best facial cleansing brushes for sensitive skin

Innerneed Super Soft Silicone Manual Face Cleanser and Massager

“I have extremely oily, greasy skin with big pores and black heads. Washing my face with my fingertips does nothing to clean out my pores. By far the best thing I have used is a soft bristled brush that rotates but they never seem to last long and I will never will I pay more than $20 for a facial brush. So I decided to give these a try and I’ve been using them for about three to four weeks now and really like them. I use at least once a day, sometimes twice, and it does a light exfoliation and never dries out my skin. I haven’t had any pimples and my pores are looking so much better. I use them in the shower and let my pores get opened up with the steam then use them with my regular cleanser; it gets really foamy and sudsy with just a drop on the brush so I’m definitely using less face wash each day. I take my time and do small circular motion all over my face and neck. These are great for sensitive skin, too. To get the full cleansing effect you have to rub very lightly so the bristles do not bend. Very affordable and long lasting and no parts to break!”

Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

“My Clarisonic ‘conked’ out after 12-plus years. I wasn’t too thrilled at the price of a new one, so I thought I would explore the Liberex Egg. First of all, it’s cute; small, charges quickly and fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Second, it works really well. The motor offers three speeds, so individuals with ultra sensitive skin can select what’s best for them. The vibrating brush head, in my opinion, is best … the vibration invigorates the skin, gets the blood circulating to the surface. The Liberex Egg works, it’s affordable and it is fun to use. Your skin will thank you for it!”

Best portable facial cleansing brushes

MiroPure Mini Portable Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

“I spent so much time comparing products and I’m so glad I took that time to find this one!! It has everything I was looking for: it’s gentle, but it also provides a deep clean. I love the three different brushes and the variety in speeds. My face is like NIGHT AND DAY compared to washing by hand!! And I can’t even put into words how AMAZING it feels on my skin! It’s like a face massage, it’s so relaxing. It’s PORTABLE, so I can always bring it with me when I’m traveling, and even better, it holds a charge IMPRESSIVELY WELL! I hate having to worry about staying stocked with batteries, so the charging base is a dream come true. And I love how compact it is, both the brush AND the base, not just for traveling (for which the brush covers are also awesome), but just for the sake of counter space. It’s a great product in a perfectly sized package. Honestly, I loved this so much after two weeks, I had to buy ANOTHER ONE to give to my sister as a Christmas present! I can’t wait to give it to her. It’s seriously amazing, I could not be happier!!”

SOLO Mio Sonic Facial Brush

“I’m shook! This little baby is such a champ and keeps charge for so long! I bought it on August 25, and it is now December 19 and I have not needed to charge it again yet! I try to use this daily, but I am getting at least four days of the week use and I use it for about a minute and thirty seconds each time. I am very impressed by the speeds it is capable of as well! My face has been smoother, brighter, and clearer since I’ve been using this product. It also stays very clean so long as you give it a good rinse off with water after each use. I highly recommend this and it has been my favorite purchase this year! I am glad I went with this over the other high end and overpriced options!”

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The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes, According to Reviewers