A Gift for Every Type of Boyfriend (That You Can Buy on Amazon)


Buying a gift for a boyfriend is seemingly easy, but depending on his age, how long you’ve been dating, and (of course) his interests, a lot can go wrong. So we compiled two-dozen-plus of our favorite gifts, in a variety of price points for every kind of boyfriend out there. Looking for further inspiration? You might want to consult our gift guide for dads, too.

For the lumbersexual boyfriend

A Brooklyn-created beard oil for softening and conditioning scraggly hairs. It not only moisturizes with jojoba and hemp-seed oils but scents with the fragrance of cedarwood, green coriander and pink peppercorn.

For the boyfriend who is still looking for a chiropractor

This back-massaging pillow doesn’t just vibrate — it features 14 balls that knead and engage sore muscles like an automated Shiatsu massage. He can even get the balls to change direction and turn on a heating function.

For the boyfriend with a fondness for minis

A fast food–inspired eraser set (that will never touch a single pencil mark). If you want to go truly nuts, try this grab bag of 20 random sweets erasers.

For the day-tripping boyfriend

We spoke to a chiropractor to find out what to look for in a backpack, and his recommendations (belt straps and thick shoulder straps) are all found in this outdoorsy day pack.

For the smudgy-glassed boyfriend

Perhaps the most annoying thing about wearing glasses (besides when they’re sliding off of your nose) is that you never have the proper cloth to clean the smudges. Get him a six-pack of these supereffective but nonabrasive microfiber cloths. They’re good for phones, tablets, and laptop screens, too.

For the boyfriend who already has a Switch

So he has a Nintendo Switch, but does he have a nice charging dock for his controller? This official Nintendo-licensed dock features handy red and green lights to let him know when the thing’s charged.

For the well-groomed boyfriend

A status facial brush that cleans and exfoliates his face six times better than his own fingers can — it uses sonic waves just like a Sonicare.

For the boyfriend with a drafty apartment

Try perhaps the world’s sexiest space heater, one of Amazon’s favorites.

For the boyfriend who doesn’t want a Zojirushi

What about a nice alternative that’s just a little bit sleeker?

For the boyfriend who DVRs ‘The Late Show’

A book of Colbert’s funny “confessions,” in illustrated form.

For the boyfriend who entertains

Gift him a set of shiny gold coasters with the coolest shaggy edges.

For the boyfriend who’s using a ratty New Yorker tote at Whole Foods

He’d love a much more civilized and vaguely nautical tote bag that could double as a beach bag.

For the boyfriend who’s still wearing his JV basketball shorts

Wouldn’t he — and you — much prefer some flattering tapered sweatpants for lounging around the house?

For the boyfriend who doesn’t have a decent carry-on

This luggage was one of our best sellers of the year, for good reason — it’s virtually indestructible, totally expandable, and affordable to boot.

For the hippie boyfriend

He may not wear deodorant or spritz on the Diptyque, but he’ll appreciate Juniper Ridge’s colognes made with essential oils.

For the ‘Star Wars’ fanboy boyfriend

A kitschy, cute conversation starter of a beverage holder.

For the boyfriend with holes in his socks

If talking to cis, straight men taught us anything, it’s that men are not great about buying themselves socks. He’ll appreciate the widely beloved SmartWool socks more than you know.

For the prankster boyfriend

Nat and Jules makes lots of plush toy animals (including foxes and raccoons), but none is so eerily realistic as the hedgehog. He can tell everyone, “Wait, is my hedgehog frozen?”

For the boyfriend with chronically chapped lips

Well, first off, he should probably get that checked out. But he could probably also use some of these SPF 25, highly moisturizing lip balms in flavors like Vanilla Mint or Mango.

For the boyfriend with a fully packed calendar

If keeping track of everything on his Google Cal is too much, the meeting notebook from cult French brand Rhodia would be a nice touch.

For the boyfriend who worships Cassius Clay

Give him the widely acclaimed biography of the world’s greatest — that cover is just dynamite.

For the boyfriend who will one day be a golf dad

A collapsible net that makes chip shots a fun Skee-Ball-like game.

For the boyfriend who refuses to give into AirPods

Unlike these Bose SoundSports with a wire looping around the back of the head, this version is “truly” wireless.

For the boyfriend who’s given into AirPods

Here’s a fun way to spiff up his carrying case: this handsome gray silicone cover.

For the boyfriend who’s keeping his toiletries in a Ziploc

We actually love how this Dopp kit is on the tinier side — it forces him to edit.

For the boyfriend who likes looking at (not cooking) food

He’d be hard-pressed to find anything more gorgeous than these photos of food in various states of preparation — one of our favorite coffee-table books of the year.

For the boyfriend who hates Coinstar

He’ll get lots of satisfaction out of a coin sorter with a digital-read money counter. (If he’s on the lazier side, there’s also the option of a fun digital coin bank that counts all the money he puts in a jar).

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Gifts for Every Type of Boyfriend That You Can Buy on Amazon