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The Best Lap Desks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve covered cool back-to-school essentials, including the best notebooks and pens, here we’re zeroing in on the best lap desks, as reviewed on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best cushioned lap desks

Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk With USB Light

“I LOVE IT! I would recommend the Sofia + Sam brand to anyone! The actual lap desk is pretty light, which makes it easy to lug up and down stairs along with my books. The USB light is bright! (Four AA batteries are NOT included.) The nice thing about the light is that if you do not need it, you can take it off and there is a little pouch you tuck it in. The wrist pad is nice as well; it also helps with the books not sliding off the desk. And then there’s the memory-foam cushion — amazing. You don’t even realize that the desk is on your lap. That is how comfortable it is!”

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

“I’ve owned several lap desks and this one is hands down the BEST! Construction feels high quality, from the memory-foam padding, to the included LED light and slide-out mouse pad holder. Very satisfied with my purchase!”

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

“This thing has totally changed my computing experience. I do most of my laptop work in bed when I am home. My back and hips would kill me after spending long periods of time doing homework. This thing has all of the space that I need. My mouse does not move when I am not using it. I absolutely love the cell-phone slot. My MacBook is still cool to the touch after being on it all evening. The one that I have is the one with the wood finish and I love how it looks. The raised material at the bottom stops my laptop from sliding off. It’s comfortable on my thighs, and the handle makes it easy to grab and store. I can’t say enough great things about this thing. Order it, now!!!!”

Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap Desk With Handle

“First things first: If you are looking for a very simple portable desk, this one is it! The surface area on this thing is YUGE, and it makes portability great again. The padded cushion underneath is very comfortable and feels like memory foam — and is also detachable with simple Velcro strips. The simplicity of this is what makes it perfect. No gimmicky curves or patterns or textures that make a lot of lap desks annoying. With its YUGE surface area, it’s not only for just laptop use; you can easily write your resignation letter to your job on it to let them know you’re starting a home business and never leaving your bed because of this lap desk and it’s awesomeness.”

Best lap desk with storage

MavoCraft Folding Lap Desk

“I love this lap desk! I have a small apartment and no room for a full-size work desk. So I needed something that would be compact when I’m not using it; portable to be able to use on my couch, recliner, or in my bed; and hold my laptop accessories. This is lightweight, plastic, foldable, and has adequate storage for my mouse and headset, with plenty of room to spare. When I’m not using it, I fold the legs down and put it inside my backpack with my laptop. My 17-inch laptop sits perfectly on the lap desk, and it does not slide around nor hang off the edge. I recommend this desk to anyone in my situation, and for those that like to use their laptop in a variety of locations. It’s perfect.”

Best flat lap desks

2Koi Minimal Bamboo Lap Desk

“This lap desk is perfect in every way. When I realized I needed something to keep my laptop from making my legs too warm, I spent a lot of time looking at various products and reading reviews. But with most of them, it seemed that they’d raise the laptop too far above lap level. I’ve grown accustomed to typing with the laptop right on my lap, so when I found this ‘low profile’ desk, I knew it was the One. Now I wonder what I ever did without it. It’s very lightweight, and also very smooth, so it’s comfortable, and the generous cutouts provide more than enough venting to keep me cool.”

AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk With Retractable Left/Right Mouse Pad Tray

“This is exactly what I was looking for. I really prefer to just have my laptop on my lap, but I also like using a separate mouse. I’m constantly looking for things to put my mouse on, and I really dislike the big, bulky desks. This was the perfect solution. My 15.6-inch laptop fits very nicely, and the mouse holder is just awesome and what I needed. I love that I can bring this desk with me for use anywhere.”

Royal Craft Wood Lap Desk

“This is absolutely the best lap desk I have ever seen for a laptop. I have been looking off and on for something like this for years! It is lightweight, has holes to ventilate the computer to keep it from overheating, and best of all has a place for an external mouse! I love this because I do a lot of games on my computer that require an external mouse, and this lap desk is the perfect size without being too bulky, and also gives the mouse enough motion room. It’s amazing! Also, there are cool trays up top for storing pens and pencils or your cell phone, etc. Very much a great buy!”

Best adjustable lap desks

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

“I am so very satisfied with my Avantree adjustable laptop bed tray. The stand is extremely sturdy and well-made. It can be used in so many different ways, from a stand-up podium for a speaker or in my case to hold a cookbook on my kitchen counter. Mostly, I use it to hold my iPad to watch movies or sometimes my Kindle or a book that I am reading. Another use that I haven’t heard mentioned before is a foot rest while sitting at a desk or sewing machine. (Yes, it really is that sturdy.) It is fully adjustable both up and down and a variety of angles from flat to almost vertical. I could not be more pleased with this stand. It also folds flat for storage.”

Nearpow Laptop Bed Tray Table

“This is an excellent bed-tray table or laptop desk. It works like a height-adjustable, portable folding table, which is exactly what I wanted: a portable desk that adjusts to varying heights depending on where I am sitting or standing. The fact that you can also tilt the top is a great feature. I also love that the legs, when folded, stay folded in place, so you can transport this table without pinching your fingers or whacking yourself accidentally. Great purchase, highly recommend!”

Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand

“I love the Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand. It fits perfectly on my lap when I’m sitting on the couch. The adjustable stand has eight different positions. I have neck problems and wanted some kind of stand to sit on my lap. This stand is PERFECT!!! It exceeded all my expectations. I sit my 15-inch laptop on this stand and it fits perfectly. It’s made of durable plastic, NOT cheap plastic. The cushion has beads in it like a beanbag and it’s very comfortable while it sits on my lap. You will definitely NOT be disappointed.”

Desk York Portable Table for Computer

“This little table is the freakin’ bomb! I love, love, love it. Very versatile, very lightweight, very sturdy, and very handy for a multitude of uses. I was shocked at how well-made this is. Bought it to hold my cross-stitch patterns and found uses for it for other things (like reading in bed). It will raise up to use like an easel or go flat like a table and all degrees in between. I took it to work and everyone I showed it to was equally impressed. If you order this table, you won’t be disappointed.”

Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk Serving Bed Tray Breakfast Table

“Sturdy, well-made, and the design is wonderfully implemented. The middle section adjusts to different tilt angles and works great! I like the adjustable legs, so I can set it at different heights. Having both a left and right side means I can use my left-handed mouse to my heart’s content. The drawer on the right side is where I store the laptop guide (the wooden section that keeps the laptop from sliding), when I’m not using it. The vent holes are just perfectly positioned for the size of my laptop. Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made, especially since I’ve had surgery recently, so being able to use this in bed helped me recover and stave off boredom.”

Best folding lap desks

Superjare Laptop Table for Bed

“I LOVE THIS. Things I love about it: very lightweight but very sturdy, easy to put together and fold up, locks in place for easy transport, large surface area (big enough for me to fit a dinner plate and my MacBook with space to spare), and tall enough to comfortably use without craning your neck down. The color is a pretty light pink, and Superjare has other colors as well. I use this as a personal ‘dining table’ and then later at night to relax in bed and use my laptop. Highly recommend!”

Nnewvante Laptop Bed Tray

“I love this little table with its vibrant color. It is solid, a bit heavy, the legs are perfectly stable and angled a bit with little nonskid caps. It can be folded up very, very easily and stored away. It can be used on your bed, or on the floor. It really is the perfect little table with so many uses. It is definitely a great value.”

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The Best Lap Desks on Amazon, According to Reviewers