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The 12 Best Pairs of Men’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best men's underwear: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs.
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Here at the Strategist we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like bed sheets or pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we’re introducing People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. Here, the best pairs of men’s underwear on Amazon, according to the people (note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity). We’ve also talked to real men to get their take on the best underwear, too.

The Best Boxer Shorts

Hanes Men’s 5-Pack FreshIQ Tagless Tartan Boxers
From $15 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 2,515 reviews

“I love these things. These boxers are awesome! They look so good; the stitching is amazing; it’s like quadruple stitched. I expect these things to last ten times as long as regular cotton ‘boxer briefs,’ which I used to think were the s**t; now, I don’t because every time I turned around, they had a hole in them or they’d ripped. Not with these things. And I think these offer a better barrier than ‘boxer briefs.’ Not to mention they look amazing! And they are so comfortable. These things are so stylish, you could almost wear them out for dinner or a round of golf.”

The Best White Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Men’s 7-Pack Basic Brief
From $10 at Amazon

4.4 stars, 4,762 reviews

“I was in the market for new underwear last year, but never thought I would be wearing briefs again. Like most guys my age, I wore briefs when I was younger and then wore boxers. But a few years ago, I realized I missed wearing briefs, so I tried Hanes briefs, and did not like them at all; they just didn’t feel right to me. Not willing to give up just yet, I thought I would give FTL a try. I am glad I did!!! These briefs are AWESOME!!!! They feel so much better than Hanes briefs (my opinion), and they also feel softer. They wear well and are not too tight or too lose (again my opinion). These FTL briefs feel so comfortable, you almost forget you have them on! They wash very well, and always look like new, which is something I was not expecting. In my opinion, a very good underwear choice — no matter what age you are.”

The Best Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Boxer Brief
$21 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 597 reviews

“My absolute favorite pair of boxer briefs. I have been through numerous different pairs of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, and while I like all of them, each one had a flaw. Some were too thin; others had waistbands that folded in tight ropes; some felt more like trunks than boxers, and others were not very soft. These boxer briefs have none of those problems. They are extremely soft, and have a thickness or weight to them, which I appreciate. They are long in the leg and stay that way, as they don’t ride up. And perhaps most important to me, the waistband for the most part does not roll over, and is extremely comfortable.”

The Best Eco-conscious Boxers

Texere Men’s Bamboo Jersey Underwear Boxers
$18 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 476 reviews

“These are the best boxers I have ever owned. I don’t even care about the ecological benefits of bamboo fabric, I just buy these because nothing else fits or feels as good. I normally would wear mediums, but the waistband is a little tight, so I buy larges. They are soft, but not cold like silk. The cut around the legs is not too big where they get all bunched up in your pants, but not too small either where your junk pops out.”

The Best Low-rise Briefs

2(x)ist Men’s Speed 2.0 No-Show Brief
From $24 at Amazon

4.8 stars, 62 reviews

“Purchased for my husband and they are now his go-to choice because they fit perfectly, holding everything in place without squeezing, and not hitting too high on his waist. They are indeed pricey, but as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Truth.”

The Best Thermal Underwear

Duofold Men’s Midweight Double-Layer Thermal Pant
From $17 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 679 reviews

“I bought these for myself looking for a higher-quality thermal-type undergarment for the really cold days. Lo and behold, I did myself a favor. Throw away your itchy, crappy, falsely warm, cheap thermal-type underwear and invest in these. They’re comfortable, the fly is accessible, and the fit is good.”

The Best Long Boxer Briefs

Champion Men’s Tech Performance Long-Leg Boxer Brief
From $8 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 964 reviews

“My first review ever. I work long hours in a very large production facility and walk a lot. For years, I have dealt with chafing and sweating and bat-winging. I’d come home with what looked like a diaper rash, and I’d be walking bowlegged. These changed my life. They don’t ride up; sweat isn’t an issue; my thighs don’t rub, and everything sits right where it needs to be. Changed my life. … Changed. My. Life.”

The Best Odor-Eliminating Boxers

Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer
From $16 at Amazon

4.7 stars, 102 reviews

“My family sent me a pair of these while I was in Afghanistan. They don’t stick to your legs, or ride up when you’re sweating and on the move. They don’t stink if you are unable to shower for a few days. Best boxers I’ve ever owned. I purchased five pairs of these when I got home, and threw all my old boxers out.”

The Best Athletic Boxer Briefs

Saxx Kinetic Performance Boxers
From $20 at Amazon

4.6 stars, 393 reviews

“I’m a huge fan of Saxx in general, and these are no exception. I love the look and thigh-chafing protection of boxer briefs, but HATE when my junk sticks to my leg. I’ve tried powders, lotions, etc., but nothing really stops it. Then, I found Saxx underwear. The ballpark pouch does its job, and keeps your manly parts from sticking to your legs — even during the sweatiest workouts. I wear the other models for daily use, and was happy to add the Kinetic line to my underwear drawer for workouts. The fabric is soft and has great sweat-wicking properties — keeps my skin pretty dry during workouts. I’d replace all of my workout underwear with these if they weren’t so expensive. And, about the price, they are expensive, but honestly worth every penny. I also own a pair of the knee-length and a pair of the Kinetic full-length tights, both of which are also excellent. After ten to 15 wash and wears, they still look and feel like new.”

The Best Heavy-cotton Trunks

Kronis Mens Underwear Low Rise Trunks Premium 180gsm Cotton
From $12 at Amazon

4.6 stars, 515 reviews

“I have purchased this item in two sizes: medium and large, since I am a 35 with a hockey-player butt. The fit is great; the sizing is accurate — M is for 34 and below, L for 36 to 38. The material has a nice stretch capacity, so I fit in both sizes without losing comfort. The material is soft, and the quality is very good for the price you pay. An amazing find here on Amazon. Seriously, if you are annoyed by the Calvin Klein trunks that get loose on the legs, and morph into a skirt under your jeans by the end of the day, you will love the way these hold everything in place.”

The Best Thong Underwear

iKingsky Men’s Thong Underwear
$20 for six at Amazon

4.5 stars, 233 reviews

“This is the first time I have ever bought thongs before … I wanted to do it to surprise my wife, who always asks me to wear sexy underwear for her. I wore one out one night and wasn’t really that comfortable in them, and thought to stop wearing them. Then my wife washed that pair, and I gave it another go and was able to comfortably wear them all day at work … I can say they are comfortable, and the low ride kept it so that when I had to bend down, it was hidden (which I liked because I would have never lived that down). All in all, I think it was a good buy … I’m a 32 waist and got a large — just to help those out there who may need help with sizing.”

The Best Moisture-Wicking Boxer Briefs

Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6” Boxerjock
From $20 at Amazon

4.5 stars, 1,599 reviews

“My husband is always outside working, so a good boxer is definitely needed. These boxers have the Dri-Fit material that their other products are made out of, making them an amazing product for the outdoors. My husband said he can tell when he has these on that he sweats less, and they keep him cooler than his standard cotton briefs. The men in my family highly recommend these boxers, and they say they are definitely worth the price you pay over a standard chain-store boxer brief.”

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The Best Men’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Reviewers