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The Best Tweezers for Hair Removal, According to Aestheticians

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Hair: It’s a natural part of being a human. But when the temperature climbs, and skin is exposed, it’s one of those things that a good many of us want to control. This week, we’re tackling hairlessness, not just the process of hair removal (electric shavers and ingrown-hair treatments and such) but also what to buy when you’re losing your hair, and even how to take care of a sphynx cat. Here, we’re talking aesthetician-recommended tweezers.

Even if you pay a professional to shape your eyebrows, either by waxing or threading, it’s on you to maintain them with regularish tweezing. And to do that at home, as carefully and precisely as possible, you need the right tweezer. But your eyebrows aren’t the only hairs you might want to pluck with a tweezer. There’s the errant chin hair, the occasional ingrown hair on your bikini line, and any number of other fine hairs that might bug you — and though the tweezer in your tool kit might be perfect for your brows, it might not be as effective at handling those other hairs, especially those always-tricky ingrowns.

So to find the best tweezers to remove every type of hair on your body, we talked with three aestheticians about their favorite tweezers for eyebrow shaping and maintenance, facial hair, and ingrown hairs.

Best tweezers for eyebrows

Tweezerman Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer

“I am a huge fan of Tweezerman. No other brand compares in my opinion,” says Lara Kaiser, an aesthetician at Brooklyn’s Shen Beauty. “They are a little more expensive up front, but they do free sharpening for life, and thus are an incredible value. My favorite ones are the gold Ultra Precision. I have, like, five pairs of them in my kit. They can easily grab all the little fine hairs and are just perfection.”

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Rachael Brown, owner and operator of Proper Puss, also uses Tweezerman’s slanted tweezers for eyebrows in her shop. “They’re durable, extra sharp, give the best grip on the hair to pull out unwanted strays for the perfectly sculpted brow.” Kaiser does add a small disclaimer about using any tweezers on your own eyebrows, though: “Be careful with at-home brow shaping! You can ruin your own life so quickly.”

BlinkBrowBar Angled Tweezers

Ania Siemieniaka, owner and manager of Greenpoint’s Freckle, likes using BlinkBrowBar Angled Tweezers for brows. “These are really high quality, and that slightly angled shape makes them perfect for maintaining clean, sculpted eyebrows.” However, she’s found that these tweezers often sell out, so she often buys them in bulk, since “I buy a lot for work, but in a fast-paced environment, they get dropped constantly.”

Best tweezers for facial hair

Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers

Siemieniaka calls these tweezers from Anastasia Beverly Hills — a company founded by aesthetician Anastasia Soare, who made her name in Los Angeles by tweezing celebrities’ eyebrows to golden-ratio perfection — an “all-around favorite.” That’s because these stainless-steel tweezers “have a slightly slanted tip that is perfect for facial hair (if you’ve noticed some chin ‘adornments’ lately), eyebrow grooming, and big-toe plucking, for those ‘too late to wax, but refuse to shave’ situations.”

Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

If you’re less concerned with precision and just want to get rid of facial hair, Kaiser likes this “little springy device.” It’s not technically a tweezer, but, as Kaiser explains, “this is sort of like at-home threading. Hurts, but does the job much more quickly than tweezing. It’s not to be used on the brows because it’s not precise. You just twist the handles until you’re smooth.”

Best tweezers for ingrown hairs

Tweezerman Ultra Precision Point Tweezer

“For ingrown hairs, you might want a pointed-end tweezer,” explains Kaiser. Though she notes: “You have to be really careful to sanitize properly because you’re likely breaking skin. It’s not just OCD talking, you can get staph from dirty tools, which is way less cute than an ingrown, trust me. Again I’ll recommend Tweezerman — but only after you take a hot shower or bath and exfoliate.” (And if you are often dealing with these nasty ingrowns, here are some other aesthetician-approved products to prevent ingrown hairs and treat razor burn.)

Rubis Switzerland Needle Nose Tweezer

“If we’re talking about the hair that is partially hiding beneath the skin, this is the tool to get it out,” says Siemieniaka. These stainless-steel ones from Rubis are, in her opinion, “probably the sharpest and narrowest pointed-tip tweezers out there, so be careful and maybe don’t use it for your facial hair.”

Medipoint Splinter Out Splinter Remover

Siemieniaka is quick to warn that “some ingrowns should be left alone. You know which ones I’m talking about: You can see that hair right under the skin, there’s some inflammation and redness as well, it starts to look pretty much like a pimple.” For those, the worst thing you can do is attack it with your fingers, so Siemieniaka offers a somewhat unorthodox recommendation: “Medipoint Splinter Remover. Use only to gently lift that ‘trapped under the skin’ hair up (and only when you can see the hair, don’t perform surgeries with this little tool), and then use your regular tweezers to remove the struggler. When done, apply ointment with antibiotic to the treated area.” And remember to keep your tools and your hands clean. “Alcohol pads are super easy to use, so no excuses.”

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The Best Tweezers, According to Aestheticians