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The Best Women’s Deodorant on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of deodorants and antiperspirants — including natural deodorant, deodorant for men, and the deodorant celebrities use — here we’ve rounded up the best deodorants for women, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated deodorant for women

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Many reviewers opened up about how awful their sweat and underarm smell was until they discovered this product. “Let me start by saying I have worse body odor than most women. I have literally been struggling with this all my life,” one customer writes. “I have literally tried almost every natural and aluminum-based deodorant. I don’t sweat a lot, but smell horrible anyway. I am so thankful for finding this product. I can’t wait to try other scents.” Lots even felt it worked well after exercise and extreme heat. “It works to control my sweat odor all day long — even after strenuous exercise like a long training ride on my bicycle or a tough 7-mile run,” writes one reviewer, who adds, “Also, I feel like I’m not as sweaty and slimy under my arms.” Over 1,700 reviewers talk about the natural formula of this deodorant, making it a big selling point. “I have decided to switch to as many organic, cruelty free, gluten-free, etc. products as possible. I made the decision to switch to organic deodorant,” writes one who was initially skeptical. “I was so surprised at this when I first tried it. I honestly thought I was going to be walking around smelling like a BO hippie. That’s not the case. It does not stain your clothes. It feels great on your skin and smells so good. I have told everyone I know to switch to organic deodorant and use this one.”

Best-rated (less expensive) deodorant for women

Suave Antiperspirant Deodorant

Lots of reviewers rave about this deodorant’s fresh and subtle scent. “Powder scents are my least favorite and I don’t like floral or strong scents that clash with all of the other products I use. This is perfect,” writes one reviewer. “It doesn’t build up negatively on the underarm area of the clothing I’ve worn and I don’t smell a ‘cover’ scent when I sweat. So nice that it’s one of the more frugal brands on the market, too.” Women who admittedly sweat a lot also give it glowing reviews. “I have issues with excessive sweating due to menopause and hot flashes. I get very good coverage and protection,” says one reviewer. It’s so good that one husband has been converted to using this women’s deodorant: “I first found Suave antiperspirant when I accidentally used my wife’s deodorant. I smelled like baby powder, but without any hint of BO. I began sneaking swipes of her deodorant while she was in the bedroom closet getting ready in the mornings and then one day she confronted me with a small baggy containing 2 slightly brown armpit hairs. I tried to deny they were mine as I thought she found them somewhere else. I eventually confessed when she revealed the exact location of my hairs. We are in counseling now, and I have been encouraged to order my own through Amazon.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of deodorant for women you might be looking for.

Best natural deodorant for women

Magsol Sweet Orange Magnesium Deodorant

Natural-deodorant converts who are allergic to typical deodorant ingredients like baking soda tend toward this option. “I went organic and natural nine years ago and started to use the typical natural formulas. My immune system decided that it didn’t like those anymore, with the worst rashes that I had ever had in my life,” writes one reviewer. “So I had to find ones that didn’t have the baking soda; cue the stinky smell because none of those could control the odor or wetness and this caused rashes too. Then I was internet researching magnesium and came across deodorant with magnesium and decided why not give this one a try.” They note, “I have been using it for 3 weeks and so far so good. No rash and no smell.” Many reviewers also mention that they don’t worry about reapplication with this brand, like one who says: “I am not into the hassle of carrying deodorant with me in order to reapply. I decided to try this Magsol brand. I hadn’t seen a magnesium based deodorant before and I am glad I did. It works great, does not aggravate your skin, and I smell good at the end of the day.”

Best stick deodorant for women

Suave Antiperspirant Deodorant in Sweet Pea

“This non-sticky solid lasts so long that you can actually volunteer to stay over and work the double shift,” writes one satisfied reviewer of this long-lasting deodorant. “It works as hard as you do. Try it for yourself and revitalize your workday.” Many love it for on-the-go purposes, like this reviewer who explains, “I bought this deodorant to keep in both my cars just in case I forgot to put some on before I left the house or if I needed some extra. I’ve only used it a couple times, but it smells great and hasn’t melted in my glove box, so that’s a huge win.” Some even got compliments after wearing it. “I work as a delivery driver, so this time of year I get pretty sweaty,” says one. “This deodorant works well. I even had a customer ask what perfume I was wearing. I was only wearing this deodorant.”

Best fragrance-free stick deodorant for women

Organic Island Deodorant Baking Soda Free with Probiotics for Sensitive Skin

The fragrance-free formula was a huge selling point among Amazon reviewers. “Was really skeptical if this deodorant would be able to work as well as regular store-bought kinds,” writes one reviewer. “It does and better. I have no underarm irritation now, happily for me. Plus it keeps me from having any bad smell. The deodorant is scentless, so I smell like nothing, which is great.” A few complain that it’s a bit thick and goes on too white, but they found ways around it, like this reviewer, who explains, “It is a bit creamy and white, but I just rub it in with my fingers. No smell. No wetness. No irritation. No aluminum. Love it.”

Best spray deodorant for women

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant, Cool Essentials

“I was wanting to try a spray deodorant for a while, and I am so glad that I found this. I really love it,” raves one reviewer. “It does spray on wet but also dries in 3 seconds as well. I really do believe it’s been keeping me drier than my Dove stick deodorant, too. At this rate, I am considering switching over to this spray and not going back to stick deodorant at all.” Another loved how long-lasting and easy to apply this formula is. “Oh my goodness, this changed my whole life; wish they had this out when I was younger,” she writes. “It doesn’t cake up. It didn’t get white stuff on my dark clothes. It also dries super fast when you put it on. It has changed my whole life. I didn’t sweat and didn’t smell bad even in the most stressful times of my life.” One even gave her spray deodorant a totally different purpose, as she explains: “I gained a little weight for the first time this year and my thighs started touching. Was driving me nuts this summer until I discovered this stuff. Works great as an antiperspirant but also doubles as an invisible chub-rub solution. It’s basically a sheer spray-on powder so it does the same thing baby powder will, but with way less messy.”

Best aluminum-free deodorant for women

Underarmed Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

“This isn’t just a good natural deodorant. This is quite simply the best deodorant on the planet. This product is a game-changer,” raves one reviewer. “Super Natural Goods has clearly cracked the code. After using Underarmed for a week you’ll realize how poorly all the conventional deodorants perform. The only adjustment I might note is that it does not apply as smoothly as some conventional deodorants, but once you get used to that, there’s no going back.” Other reviewers agree that the texture leaves something to be desired. But per the advice of another reviewer, “Make sure to hold the deodorant under your armpit for a couple seconds to soften the stick, then slowly apply under your armpits” to get a better texture. Plus, as a natural-deodorant veteran explains, “Like any natural deodorant, it isn’t 100 perecent guaranteed that you won’t have any odor. However, at the end of the day I can barely smell any odor, which is nice.”

Best nonstick deodorant for women

Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant (Lavender) with Activated Charcoal Powder

Lots of reviewers switched to this deodorant after being unimpressed with stick options and natural alternatives. “I’ve probably ordered 20 different deodorants, both chemicals and naturals. This is by far the best deodorant product I’ve ever had,” writes one, explaining, “It smooths on easily — just make sure you’re paying attention so you don’t drop chunks on the ground, you have to push it into your pit with your finger then it gets creamy. It doesn’t sting, doesn’t smell strong but has a nice soft clean scent (I got the lavender one), doesn’t stain clothes, and it totally works. I feel fresh, no longer have body odor for the first time in 31 years.” Even the most stressed of customers found it effective. “The first day I used it was a few days before Christmas and we spent the whole day at my grandma’s house with family. Nothing makes you sweat like Grandma’s stuffy house and a bunch of probing questions from relatives you see only once a year,” writes a reviewer, who continues, “Later that night we got home and I expected to smell a little funky as I began peeling off layers of clothes, but amazingly, I did not smell at all. Next day, again, no smell. I have been using it for about a week now and I have had zero odor or sweat issues.” This customer is so impressed with the deodorant she’s even gifting it out: “I have already ordered more to give as a gift to a mom with a new baby who is breastfeeding. Will buy more.”

Best gel deodorant for women

Secret Scent Expressions Boho Berry Clear Gel

Many reviewers picked up this gel deodorant as a way to cut down on deodorant stains and were completely impressed, like this reviewer who says, “I’ve been using this for over a year. I’ve never been someone to stay consistent about deodorant. Until now. It is a gel, easy to apply, does not leave white stains on clothing and does not sting when it is applied to shaved pits.” Another reviewer even thought this was better than men’s deodorants. “I sweat a lot and it’s hard to find a good deodorant that doesn’t have me smelling like I just ran a marathon. I’ve even tried men’s deodorant. Nothing has helped except this deodorant in this scent. I’ve tried a few of the other gel scented deodorants but this scent is the only one that works for me.”

Best fragrance-free gel deodorant for women

Secret Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Women, Outlast Xtend with 48 Hour Odor Protection Clear Gel

Many reviewers chose this gel deodorant originally because it doesn’t leave white marks on clothes, like this reviewer: “I purchased this primarily because of the reviews that stated it left zero white marks on clothing. This turned out to be completely true.” She continues, “I like that it’s unscented and I also love the 48-hour protection. If I miss a day, I won’t knock my friends and family over.” And many others rave about how well this deodorant works, like this reviewer who calls it her “favorite deodorant I’ve ever used. It dries as soon as you put it on and doesn’t feel damp/sticky like other ones I’ve used; really helps prevent sweat and odor very well. I usually sweat very easily and this has helped immensely.” This shopper even raves about how long one tube lasts: “You turn it about a half turn and the gel comes out just enough to coat your underarm well, and there is no waste and no residue to leave a mark on your clothes. Because there is no waste, it lasts a long time. I bought this one to replace it after about 6 months, but I still have not opened it as the first one still has not run out.”

Best prescription-strength deodorant for women

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant Soft Solid

For those who need just a little bit more protection, this prescription-strength option is a favorite among Amazon reviewers, like one mom who persuaded her festival-loving daughter to use it: “I’m a camper and my daughter who also uses this attends three-day music festivals where you don’t get to shower for three days and this lasts the entire time. Three days with no odor! Amazing. I know it sounds gross, but if you attend these music festivals you will understand what I’m talking about here. You need this.” Another reviewer also backs up the brand’s long-lasting claims, noting, “The most important thing is that it works all day. No need to worry that you’re going to need to reapply deodorant after work before running errands, it just works. Every deodorant says 24 or 48 hour protection but none of them actually last very long if you end up actually sweating at all. The clinical protection ones do.”

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The Best Deodorants for Women, According to Reviewers