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The Best Ice-Cube Trays on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. When it comes to ice cube trays people are typically looking for something that lets the ice out easiest so you don’t have to start scraping them out with a fork or pop them out all over the floor. We’ve found a bunch of those (and we’ve written about one before). But, somewhat surprisingly, the reviewers of Amazon seem to really love using their ice cube trays for other frozen things besides ice–like coffee cubes, baby food cubes, jello-o shots– so we’ve gathered the best for those too. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Overall best ice-cube tray

OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray With Silicone Lid

4.5 stars, 1,182 reviews

“This is the best ice-cube tray there is. It works better than they describe it. You fill it with water, swipe your hand across to get out the excess, and the lid is sealed very well. You can put it in your freezer sideways, carry it upside down, whatever. Afterward, the ice is super easy to get out. You twist it once and then, since they are a half-moon shape, you press one side of the ones you want out and they slide out. The plastic is high-quality. My freezer is set much colder than average to keep booze cold, and the plastic stays flexible and not brittle.”

Best for quick-releasing ice

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray, 2 Pack

4.7 stars, 910 reviews

“They are amazing. They are the pinnacle of ice-cube-tray manufacturing. All ice-cube trays hold water and freeze ice (if you put them in the freezer, of course). But very few of them allow you to extract the finished ice cubes without massive effort and the frustration of popping out an ice cube onto the kitchen floor. When’s the last time you cleaned your kitchen floor? Right. You will not have this problem with these ice-cube trays. The cubes do not stick inside. They slide out immediately; it’s magical. Additionally, they stack! You can put each tray on top of each other without the bottom of one dipping into the top of the other! It seems so obvious that this should be the case! No more sliding pieces of cardboard between your ice-cube trays; these just work. They. Just. Work.”

Best for stacking ice

OXO Good Grips Covered Ice Cube Tray

4.5 stars, 715 reviews

“These are the best ice-cube trays that I have ever used. They fill easily enough and then are covered so that foreign things don’t end up in your ice, and more importantly so that they can be stacked. However, my favorite feature is the ease with which all of the cubes just release from the ice tray when you are ready to use them. You can remove a few or all with a small twist of the tray. The secret is the smooth surface of the tray compartments, which prevent the cubes from adhering to the tray’s surface (no more banging or holding the tray under hot water). The tray is easy to clean with warm water and ready to reuse. We keep three trays stacked in our freezer and bring the most frozen to the top, while allowing the bottom newly filled tray to freeze. These trays are so easy to use that you won’t be sorry to have it as an addition to your freezer.”

Best for whiskey and cocktails

Glacio Silicone Ice Cube Trays Combo (Set of 2)

4.4 stars, 481 reviews

“When I opened the box, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover how thick the silicone actually is. The quality feels more expensive than what I paid. The cubed tray was deeper than I expected. I know the listing states two-inch cube, but I was still like, ‘Wow! Impressive.’ When you place one of these cubes into a glass, pour some of your favorite spirit over the top, and pass it to a friend, you get a slight smug feeling of presenting a drink with the same quality as a posh wine bar. The first taste is with the eye.”

Best for Jell-O shots

Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Trays With Lids

4.5 stars, 329 reviews

“I cannot say enough how much I love this company and its products. I own several items it sells and they are all awesome. I could not believe how easy it was to get the ice cubes out of this tray. They just pop out. I also noticed when I was opening the package that the trays were oven-safe, so I made little brownie bites in them. They came out wonderful! I also made some Jell-O in them and those turned out great, too. Would be great for Jell-O shots. These are so versatile and have so many possibilities for use other than ice-cube trays.”

Best for fruit-infused ice

Large Silicone Ice Cube Trays With Lids

4.9 stars, 105 reviews

“Received these giant ice-cube trays right on time, and they completely lived up to my expectations as far as quality of materials, color, size, etc. We filled them up right away, so that we could use them later that evening in our sweet tea at dinnertime. I hate when I’ve just made tea and it is still a little warm, so the ice melts really fast and waters down the tea. That did not happen with these giant ice cubes. I’ve since discovered that folks are using these to freeze juice with fruit blended in, then dropping them into tea or water for a naturally sweetened ‘infusion’ drink. Going to try that next — so many combinations to come up with! All in all, we are pleased with this new ‘gadget’ and recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to chill drinks.”

Best for crushed ice

Arrow Plastic 00055 Ice Cube Trays (Pack of 2)

4.3 stars, 284 reviews

“Since we don’t have a crushed-ice feature on our ice-maker, I wanted to find an ice-cube tray that would create small ice cubes. While not quite as good as using crushed ice, these ice cubes do a good job. I’ve been using these trays for roughly one-and-a-half years and haven’t had any issues with breaking or cracking. Once the ice cubes are completely frozen, they (for the most part) pop out very easily. Because we like to use a lot of these ice cubes, I empty all of the ice cubes into a tub and make more. If some of the ice cubes don’t come out, I run a little water over the bottom of the tray and the rest of the ice cubes release. Because these ice cubes are so small, they don’t take very long to freeze.”

Best for homemade baby food

Elbee 613 Coolest 15-Cube Silicone Ice Tray, 2-Piece Mold Set

4.3 stars, 783 reviews

“I purchased these trays to freeze homemade baby food in smaller portions for my 6-month-old. Each cube holds exactly one fluid ounce, which is perfect, so I can quickly thaw the food and don’t have to worry about wasting all my hard work as I would with a larger-size cube. These trays work awesome! The food freezes quickly and is very easy to remove, without destroying the cubes and making a huge mess. I simply turn them over on a plate and gently push the cubes out from the bottom. So much easier than clawing the cubes out of the hard plastic trays with a fork.”

Best for an airtight sealed lid

Komax Ice Cube Tray With No-Spill Cover, Set of 4

4.4 stars, 935 reviews

“Perfect for making juice, tea, or coffee cubes so it doesn’t water down drinks. I love iced coffee but hate when it gets watered down, so I freeze fresh brewed espresso (let it cool to room temp before putting it into the trays) and use it to ice my coffee. The lids seal tight and keep whatever liquid used from picking up a funky taste from other odors in the fridge or freezer, and keep them from spilling when they are moved to the freezer. I warm the bottom of the tray by sitting them in the sink for about one minute in some warm water, then I slip the tray into a gallon-size baggy, give them a gentle thump on the counter, then a gentle twist, and poof, the cubes drop right out into the baggy — ready to go back into the freezer. A friend who used to be a home-economics teacher told me to NEVER wash a plastic ice-cube tray with soapy water if I wanted to keep the cubes sliding out easy. Just rinse in warm water and dry. I love the fact that I have gallon bags of espresso cubes, flavored herbal-iced-tea cubes, and orange-juice cubes to toss into drinks, and they work great in the blender for blended drinks.”

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The Best Ice-Cube Trays on Amazon